Remarkable Guinness Commercial “Empty Chair” Effectively Delivers Brand Message

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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and extended weekend.

We all work in the world of images and sound and this is the type of work that makes me proud to do what we do.

Check out how simple and even handed the lighting is for the spot. It looks natural but yet is in fact lit (no it is not shot in available light).

At no point in the commercial do you forget who the spot is about. The brand is front and center without taking over.

The camera movement is simple without being distracting. Check out how by the increasing the movement in the handheld shots for the quick exterior scenes compare with the interior more static shots.

Casting! The whole spot is filled with characters and beautiful people without being filled with the traditional “beautiful people.”

The music is perfect. It sets the tone and drives the entire pace and feel of the commercial. If it doesn't give you goose bumps you need to watch it again.

Less is more. There isn't a spoken word until 1:22 and they made those words count.

This spot made me proud to be a part of this industry. Happy 4th of July.

Guinness Commercial: Empty Chair


Guinness “Empty Chair” salutes the character of a community as they honor one of their own who is out of sight, but not out of mind. They remind us that a true test of character is what you do when no one's looking.

The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character. Guinness proudly raises a glass to those who are #MadeOfMore

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. The music is the old gospel song, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”.

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