#19 – Datacolor Spyder4elite hd and industry money trends

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Barry and I had a great discussion today about the filmmaking/TV industry and we also managed to throw in some great tips as well.

At the beginning, I got a little carried away with the conversation about the DataColor Spyder4elite hd, but that's because I am pretty excited about the results. It may not be the ‘sexy' product that everyone is looking for, but it certainly is something that you should possibly consider as important for your production and post production activities.

I do need to apologize to those who were trying to join us live – there were some software problems and I could not get the updates implemented before it was time to go live. I've reported the problems to the software team and expect to have it solved for next week's show.

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Barry Andersson (find his book at that link)
(website) is an award-winning independent filmmaker. His career started with live television video production and now includes several acclaimed short films, a television pilot, commercials, and a feature film.

Pamela Ann Berry describes herself as a “Mom, photographer, video producer, camera operator, actress, always looking to get better and learn more. I want to set myself apart and continue doing what I love.”

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