planet5D podcast #18 with Josh “thePadCaster” guy

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Today we had Josh Apter – thePadcaster guy – with us on the podcast! It is great to be able to sit down with someone who's changing the world by creating devices that help people accomplish their dreams (and even make silly little videos)

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About Josh “thePadCaster” guy

Josh Apter is an award-winning writer, director, and editor who has worked in all areas of filmmaking. In 2002, Josh founded Manhattan Edit Workshop, where he still works as president. MEWShop is an Apple, Avid, Adobe, Autodesk, Assimilate and Blackmagic Authorized Training Center that offers a variety of classes in the art and technique of film editing & Production.

In 2012, Josh developed and founded The Padcaster®, a rugged case that transforms the iPad into a mobile production studio. With an aluminum frame and flexible insert, on-the-go filmmakers can add all the accessories they need, mount The Padcaster to a tripod or monopod, then shoot, edit and upload high-quality footage directly from the iPad. The line has since grown to include a Padcaster for the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Check out his websites: and

Show notes and links

• the creation of thePadcaster
• using the iphone and ipad as filmmaking devices
• doing live broadcasts with the iphone and ipad
• Question from listener – Gerrick Winston
• What's happening at the Manhattan Edit Workshop

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