planet5D podcast #17 – Magic Lantern and Charlie Locke

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Great conversation about Magic Lantern with Charlie Locke! We'll have another session with Charlie in a couple of weeks.

As you can see and hear on the podcast, this was the most heavily attended live show yet! And we had a ton of questions come in – so many, we couldn't answer them all so we're going to have Charlie back again soon.

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About Charlie Locke

Charlie Locke's unprecedented work ethic and passion to excel paved the way to his success as an impressive Director of Photography and Cinematographer.

Charlie's drive to get up every morning, is fueled by the 100% pure dedication, excitement and enjoyment of capturing stunning photographs and moving images of some of the beautiful things that inspires him, whilst having a ton of fun along the way.

Check out his website –

Show notes and links

Some notes from the session and most of the questions we touched on:

There is little development going on on 70D.

GH4 vs 5D3 Raw. Not a 100% fair comparison, but it gives you an idea.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • Which Nightly build for 5D Mark III Firmware 1.2.3 works best with MLV_REC
  • Does Magic Lantern overwrite your traditional software?
  • Should Canon hire the Magic Lantern team?
  • What to do when Magic Lantern breaks
  • Charlie's typical processing and RAW workflow. What's the most straight-forward post-process with ML?
  • Benefits of using ETTR (Exposure to the right) module or timelapse with Magic Lantern
  • How would Canon know that you ran Magic Lantern?
  • Canon on making a full-frame mirrorless camera
  • Difference between shooting RAW and MLV-video
  • Charlie's opinion on the resolution of ML vs the 4K footage from the GH4
  • What CF cards does Charlie use? How does he achieve slo-mo?
  • Pamela's opinion on still photogs shooting 4K video and extracting stills from it on still photography jobs

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If you would like to join us LIVE on the next podcast, click here to be notified of every podcast.


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(cover photo credit: Charlie Locke)


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