Panasonic GH4 Video Review by Philip Bloom

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Philip Bloom is an indie filmmaker who favors the Canon 1DC for his own HDSLR work, but he's just put up an almost 40 minute long review of the Panasonic GH4.

Full disclosure: Bloom has done film work for both Canon AND Panasonic specifically around their HDSLR products.

No matter: the review itself is measured with one particularly interesting twist: you get the sense (OK, maybe I'm projecting here) that he almost wishes the GH4 weren't as groundbreaking as he himself says it is.

Canon, are you listening?

He's clear that he prefers the imagery coming out of the 1DC (at seven times the price of the GH4!); he's clear that the GH4 is not the “low light monster” that the Sony A7s is (true enough, according to DxOMark results); yet he's equally clear that the GH4 is a breakthrough value proposition for 4K.

And, like at least two other recent reviewers — Michael Reichmann and Dave Dugdale — it appears that he may be entertaining the notion of acquiring both the GH4 AND the Sony A7s.

Check it out.

Video review of the Panasonic GH4



Finally! After literally weeks of work filming and testing out the camera in countless places and around a week of solid editing it's here! Almost 40 minutes of my GH4 review.

Thanks to for help getting this review started! They distribute many pro video products in the UK including Panasonic and Blackmagic cameras.

Grading is with FilmConvert 10% with code bloom at

All shots apart from the ones of the camera itself shot on the GH4.

Main piece to cameras shot in 4K for cropping

Thanks to James Miller for his custom LUTS.

Music from The Music Bed

All songs and artists credited in end video sequentially (apart from Tony Anderson's second credit which is in the Thailand film)

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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