We used to talk non-stop about Steadicams and sliders.

These days, it’s all about 3-axis gimbals.

I want one.

But in the final analysis, it’s not about the tool so much as the result: smooth, hand-held shots.

The folks over at DVCity have an alternative – and novel — approach to on-the-go camera support called FLYCAM Flowline.

You literally strap the Flowline on like a backpack, allowing the weight of your rig to be transferred from your arms to your hips via an overhead arm that rises out of the pack. A cable from the arm attaches to your rig from above.

At less than 20% the price of high-end 3-axis gimbals, it’s an intriguing proposition.

Have any of you worked with it? What has your experience been? We’d like to hear from you in the comments section below.

FLYCAM Flowline Steady Camera Support (FLCM-FLN)

From FLYCAM Press:

FLYCAM announced its latest product FLYCAM Flowline Steady Camera Support, it offers a lot of flexibility to your camera movements. Now forget about balancing frustration! FLYCAM Flowline is the most valuable companion whichsupports your camera and always offers you steady and smooth shots. Its versatility opens route to unlimited angles which enhance your dramatic shots.

Adds smooth operation to your art
Adds smooth operation to your art

FLYCAM Flowline Steady Camera Support

Flowline is the best tool for capturing any action shot – walk, run, climb stairs or move over rough terrain without camera shake or instability. • Support DSLR’s Video Camcorders up to 5kg/11lbs. • Hand free function offers freedom of movement. • Adjustable Marlow RopeResistance enablesjib like moves from low angle to high angle. • Height Adjustable Support Baroffers ease of operation. • New Completely redesigned Vest offers enhanced comfort. • Relievesthe strain of weight from your arm and helps in getting steady shots. • Protective Packing for Carrying, Transporting and storing your Valuable Equipment is absolutely Free with Flycam Flowline. Start taking perfect shots, using advance techniques, and get greater results. Get instant control over your balance!

Smart construction with state-of-art performance
Smart construction with state-of-art performance

Make WOW Shots NOW! 5 more inspiring products from Flycam – Flycam C6 Hand-held stabilizer, Flycam Blaze Hand-held, Flycam BENZ steadycamarm and Vest. You can also purchase FLYCAM BENZ Steadycam Arm and FLYCAM BENZ Steadycam Vest separately. For more information about Flycam products, check out our website @dvcity.com

(cover photo credit: snap from DVCity)

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