The Nikon D810 was announced recently and we are starting to see some videos popping up online.

This is a great comparison video between the new D810 and the Canon 5D Mark III.

You will notice right away the the Nikon is much sharper and has way more detail in the video images. I find the color to be a bit muted and more on the white/blue side of things.

The Canon 5D Mark III seems a bit soft and lacking detail (nothing we haven’t heard before). I do like the warmer tone the Canon gives off over the native look of the D810. However, that might be able to be changed within the camera to create a more warm look out of camera. This test was set up to be as close as possible and to not change anything between the cameras so you can compare as apple to apple as possible.

I wish they had shoot some scenes with a moving camera to test moire since in my opinion the D800 moire in video was almost unusable. I would love to see how much that has been improved (if any) with this upgrade. However, I didn’t see enough sample footage here to make that sort of determination.

Also I wished they had filmed more people rather than flowers, trees and bushes. In the one scene with the gentleman on the bench you could clearly see the detail in the man’s skin is superior on the D810 vs the 5D Mark III. With that said it was one shot and sometimes that level of detail is undesired when shooting faces (and often filtration is used to make it less sharp) so I would have loved to see a variety of faces- male and female and of different ages.

With this said it is some early footage for you to look at that does start to give us a glimpse of another new camera and if it is worth taking a deeper look at.

Nikon D810 vs Canon 5D Mark III


Nikon D810 vs Canon 5D Mark III Video Test

Lenses used :- Nikkor 24-70 2.8 Canon 24-70 2.8
Note :- Not editing is done. Both Camera are set on Same ISO-Aperture-Shutter Speed – Standard Style & Used same quality of Lenses . * No Atomos Ninja -2 or Atomos Samurai or Blade or No any other External Video Recorder are used. Its All In camera Video Footages.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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