Major Print Publisher The Wall Street Journal Goes 4k with the GH4

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Ironic and telling language, a sign of the times: a major newspaper publisher may be the first of its peers to standardize on 4K video with the GH4 for its web team.

Sure, it’s a validation of both the format and the camera (and system).

Is anybody surprised?

What’s more interesting to me is the beautifully shallow depth of field they achieve with this crop sensor camera, along with what is to my eye wonderful color and dynamic range.

Oh yeah, and that incredible 4K sharpness, courtesy of YouTube – though it’s not lost on me that I’m viewing it on a 2.5K-ish Apple 27” Thunderbolt Cinema display.

Can someone explain to me how the math on that works?

The Wall Street Journal Goes 4k Video with the GH4 – The First Newspaper Web Team to Do So?

Via Dan Chung at News Shooter:

The Wall Street Journal in-house video team has started shooting and publishing 4K video. To my knowledge this makes them the the first newspaper website in-house team to do so. Their EMEA operation have purchased four Panasonic GH4 cameras as upgrades to their existing GH2s. Eventually the GH4 will become the primary cam in the bureau.

Currently the WSJ can’t display 4K video directly on their own website, but are able to show it on their Youtube channel.

One Minute Wine: Summer Rosé

I spoke to WSJ video journalist and producer Mark Kelly about their choice of the GH4. Having only recently received the cameras they have not yet been used for big news stories, but Mark recently shot and published a 4K video piece about wine – part of their one minute wine series.

Read Dan Chung's full article on News Shooter “The Wall Street Journal Goes 4k Video with the GH4 – The First Newspaper Web Team to Do So?”

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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Hugh Brownstone

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  1. Beautiful footage in these shots, I appreciate your sharing them in this post.

    However, I have seen several recent examples that make me wonder if noise is going to be a problem with the GH4. Perhaps the samples I am referring to are due to lack of proper camera setup, bad exposure (master ped?), or over grading in post, but here is one that I think has WAY too much noise in the shadows and blacks. There is also lots of macro blocking as well:

    Noise in darker areas of scenes is one of my biggest concerns when shooting anything. A mountain that is alive with pulsating noise annoys me greatly.

    I would love to hear others thoughts on the noise issue, especially GH4 owners that have switched from Canon.

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