iFilmmaking? Or, how to broadcast 2 days of live interviews on an iPhone

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I was at cinegear this year (my first time ever) and had a blast meeting a bunch of people and making new friends. But I was also there to work with Michael Artsis again (we were on the teradek show at NAB last year and this year)…

Michael was doing something revolutionary at CineGear – broadcasting LIVE with nothing but iPhones and iPads!

Find out more about Michael at his home site beterrific.com as well as iFilmmaking.com

First up is the behind-the-scenes – showing all of the setup… but then dive into some of the video content and think again about how the iPhone revolution is changing the industry!

Now, please realize this was the very first attempt – so there are some bugs and sometimes the mics are quiet and sometimes they're loud etc… it will only get better from here.


planet5D Wrap up show Day 1:

planet5D Wrap up show Day 2:

iPad Break:

Mushroom networks:


Society of Camera Operators:



Hollywood High School:

Convergent Design:

Mushroom 2:

Schnieder Optics iPro:



Wooden Camera:


Hollywood HS Teach:


Xtender 1 (possible Audio issuees):

Xtender 2 (No audio issues):

MXL (Perry Goldstein):

Wooden Camera 2:

Deanne :




Kurt Rogers Think Tank photo:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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