Fusion Between Art and Technology: Sincrocam Robotized 2 Axis Panoramic Slider For Video And Time-Lapse

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Here's a unique slider that's up for funding on IndieGoGo called the Sincrocam –
Learn more about Sincrocam on Indiegogo

What is Sincrocam?

Sincrocam is a very easy to use robotized slider, which will allow you to make video and Time-lapse panoramic camera movements of more than 360º with exquisite precision.

Its compact design and cutting edge technology will enable you to film professional sequences and give a special touch to your multimedia creations.

It is easily assembled and disassembled in less than one minute. Place your camera and shoot!

Its weight is only 3kg (about 6,50 lb), it can be carried in a backpack and it is extremely versatile. Carry it anywhere you like and film what nobody has ever shot before.

58cm x 11cm x 7 cm ( 22,85in x 4,33in x 2,75in )

58cm x 11cm x 7 cm ( 22,85in x 4,33in x 2,75in )

Sincrocam is controlled via Bluetooth through an application for Android mobile devices (tablet or smartphone), which can be updated from Google Play for free.

The graphic interface we have designed for this application is simple, intuitive and efficient, so that anybody can use it.

Sincrocam Image 3

It can be used with digital cameras, smartphones, mini-cameras, and of course with professional video cameras of up to 10kg. (22lb)

Sincrocam Image 4

Sincrocam offers you the following possibilities for your audiovisual work:

  • Travelling movements with panoramic rotations of over 360 degrees.
  • Repetition of movements with accuracy for special effects.
  • Cloning characters, objects, etc.
  • Risk scenes with camera movements.
  • Panoramic movements keeping the character centered.
  • Repetitive movements for continuous shooting (ping-pong).
  • Camera movements based on presets.
  • Time-lapse with panoramic movements of over 360 degrees.
  • HDR Time-lapse with adjustable shutter timings.
  • Video panoramic movement mixes with Time-lapse.
  • Video mixes at different speeds.
  • Multi-point programming.
  • Time-lapse with pre-visualization of beginning and end movement.
  • Movements based on Bezier curves.
  • Motion timer effects.
  • Stop motion.
  • Etc.

All of the above in the simplest way you can imagine and with the possibility of adding more features through the Sincrocam Android application updates, which you can download for free from Google Play.

How to Photograph 360º with Sincrocam


  • Innovative traction system (Patent pending).
  • Two synchronized axes with panoramic rotation over 360 degrees.
  • Anodized aluminium and steel manufactured.
  • Collapsible for higher portability.
  • Size unfolded: 110cm x 11 cm x 7 cm. (43.34in x 4.33in x 2.75in)
  • Size folded: 58cm x 11 cm x 7cm. (22.85in x 4.33in x 2.75in)
  • Weight without legs: 3 Kg (6.50lb) approximately
  • Functional for video 5s/m.
  • Functional for Time-lapse with minimum speed of hundreds of hours/m.
  • Horizontally supporting cameras of up to 4 Kg (8.80lb) at maximum speed and more than 10 Kg (22.00lb) at medium speed.
  • Vertically supporting cameras of up to 4 Kg (8.80lb) at maximum speed and up to 8 Kg (17.60lb) at low speed.
  • Three anchorage points for tripod, one at each end and one in the center.
  • It can be used with a tripod in the center o with two tripods at the ends.
  • Auto-adjustable legs for uneven surfaces.
  • It can work invertedly, horizontally, vertically and in other angles.
  • The bed is provided with a thread for a standard video to install a ball-and-socket joint.
  • Shot control for Time-lapse controlled by Sincrocam.
  • Standard shot control cable for Sincrocam included (a specific manual shot control cable is required for each model of camera to add to the shot control cable supplied).
  • Programming by using a tablet or an Android smartphone with Bluetooth as an interface (not supplied), or by a Sincrocam touchscreen (optional).
  • Electric connection by supplied AC power cord 110V-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Estimated average consumption 400mA/h.
  • Autonomous power by Sincrocam battery (optional) 4,800mA (12 hours estimated autonomy).
  • Dimensions and weight in its carrying case with accessories: 63x23x14 cm ( 24.80×9.06×5.51 in ) and 5,90Kg (12,90 lb) approx.

Projected features for software first version

Type of application developed on Android, available for free on Google Play from the expected launching date of the first Sincrocam units.

Sincrocam Image 1

Video features

  • Speed adjustment of linear shift.
  • Adjustment of initial and final position of panoramic rotation.
  • Movements based on Bezier curves.
  • Character centering.
  • Simulated traveling effect.
  • Panoramic video movements.
  • Movement repetition for special effects, cloning, etc.
  • Movement repetition at multiple speed.
  • Panoramic movement for video to mix with Time-lapse.
  • Presets saving.
  • Automatic and repetitive movement mode (ping-pong).
  • Multi-point programming.
  • And many more features in future updates.

Time-lapse features

  • Parameter calculation of automatic Time-lapse from the programmed video movement.
  • Easy mode of programming with only one finger.
  • Manual parameter entry for professionals.
  • Time-lapse with HDR panoramic movement.
  • Time-lapse with panoramic rotation of over 360 degrees.
  • PaP shot or in movement.
  • Setting of exposure times controlled by Sincrocam.
  • And many more features in future updates.

Learn more about Sincrocam on Indiegogo

(cover photo credit: snap from Indiegogo)

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