Easily Capture Time-lapse and Video Effect Shots with the eMotimo TB3

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So you've tried your first time lapse from the stationary tripod and he thought it was okay but it's nothing like some of the amazing movies that we've shown you, So you want to do more. You want motioning your time lapse. That's where the emotimo TB3 comes in!
Thanks to Brian and the crew over at emotimo, I've had my hands on a TB3 motion control robot and and so I haven't had the amazing dark skies like Randy Halverson and Dustin Ferrel (see some of Dustin's tutorials here on planet5D), as a noob, using the TB3 was absolutely simple and I had a lot of fun learning more about timelapse and motion controlled video.

I ran the TB3 thru its paces and have created this video intro and review (tho it isn't frankly that heavy on the review part…) and I've included some of my first attempts at learning!

planet5D Emotimo TB3 Motion Control Robot long look

Pros and Cons!


  • Incredibly well built – don't think this will break any time soon – should take a lot of hard use
  • Awesome team and support at Emotimo and they have very good training videos to get you started
  • Simple to operate
  • Smooth repeatable actions – and reversible too
  • Comes with a very good case.

I found very few things that are negatives and they aren't show stoppers

  • The motors make some noise (not a lot, they're actually fairly quiet but not soundstage quiet
  • Rocking the remote left and right to control the horizontal axis seems obvious now, but it wasn't obvious to me until I watched a training video. I feel silly now
  • If you want to change the program after it runs or if you need to stop a running program – you need to pull the plug… simple to do yet not as elegant as a programable action (heck it gives them something to improve LOL)
  • Doesn't come with Brian's girlfriend's salted chocolate chip cookies!

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If you're wanting to learn time-lapse, you must look at our superStore@planet5D where we have an ebook called “Timelapse Photography” which really is popular!

Here's a quote from another review of the TB3 that I really liked:

From Digital Photography School:

“The TB3 has enjoyed something of a cult following among the rockstar time-lapse and DLSR video shooters. It’s not just because eMotimo were there during the early years of the time lapse video phenomenon, it’s because they make a very versatile and rock solid product.”

See full article on Digital Photography School: eMotimo TB3 Review – Robotic Tripod Head and Time-lapse Movie

Vegas 4K

I mentioned this video in mine – notice how the timelapses were repeated in the day and night from the same spot and then smoothly merged together – that's something you can do with the TB3!


phototrekker.com presents Vegas 4K, a motion time-lapse film that captures the energy of Las Vegas in stunning 4K resolution. Geared up with an eMotimo TB3 motorized head and other time-lapse goodies from LensProToGo, the Photo Trekker team spent 5 days hitting the strip to create this motion time-lapse film. This film is the first of 3 motion time-lapse films to premiere before fall 2014 that are all shot and edited in 4K.

Want to see how a lot of the shots here were done? Check out the Lynda.com class “Shooting a Time-Lapse Movie with the Camera in Motion” with Rich Harrington and Keith Kiska here. lynda.com/Keith-Kiska/3476597-1.html

Technical Info:
Camera: 4 x Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: 2 x Canon 16-35mm, Canon 24mm, 2 x Canon 24-70mm, Canon 8-15mm Fisheye
Support: eMotimo TB3 Black motorized head, Matthews BH-30 car mount, Rhino Rails
Editing & Graphics: Processing and editing was done in Photoshop, LRTimelapse, After Effects and Premiere Pro

Resolution Versions:
Vimeo – 1920×1080 (HD) Seen Above
Youtube – 3840 x 2160 (4kUHD) youtu.be/plAjSyi2WBM

Keith Kiska – Producing, Cinematography, Editing, Motion Graphics & Sound Design
Kyle Rhoderick – Assistant Time-Lapse Operator
Dmitri Belichenko – Original Music Score

Sponsored By:
eMotimo: emotimo.com
LensProToGo: LensProToGo.com
Matthews Studio Equipment: msegrip.com

All of our 4k footage is available as stock footage for personal and media use. Please contact keith@kiskamedia.com for all licensing information.

Follow Us Here:
Website: phototrekker.com, kiskamedia.com
Facebook: phototrekker.com/facebook
Twitter: twitter.com/Photo_Trekker

Special Thanks to:
EMotimo, LensProToGo, Matthews Studio Equipement, Rhed Pixel, Lynda.com for your equiptment, support and friendship. Dmitri Belichenko for writing a great musical score. Kyle Rhoderick for your tireless shooting in the field and members of the time-lapse community such as Michael Shainblum, Shawn Reader, Drew Geraci, Dustin Farrell and Tom Lowe that never cease to amaze and inspire me. And a real special thanks to Las Vegas!

Copyright © 2014 Kiska Media LLC / Photo Trekker ®. All rights reserved.

eMotimo TB3 – 3-axis Motion Control Camera Robot

Capture moving time-lapse and VFX shots faster, easier, and more affordably than ever!

The eMotimo TB3 is the highest value motion control device on the market. It offers repeatable, three-axis motion control for less than many competitors’ single-axis products. The eMotimo TB3 is portable, strong, and lightweight, making it the perfect addition to your DSLR or video camera kit. Our guided user interface separates you from the complexities typically associated with motion control. With seven easy to follow on-screen prompts, you can set up shots that just aren’t possible with other controllers. On a mountaintop, or in your studio, eMotimo captures your moments in motion.

Emotimo TB3 Tilt and pan

eMotimo TB3 Product Map

Emotimo TB3 Product map

Emotimo TB3 Product map

Emotimo TB3 image 1

(cover photo credit: snap from emotimo)


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