Awesome timelapse workshops coming in October – plus $100 off discount for planet5D readers

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If you're looking to learn timelapse, there's no better way to do it than to get out and do it! So why not join these two new workshops in October being taught by Ron Risman, Rich Harrington, and Keith Kiska. Ron just returned from teaching a group in April, and you can see one of the resulting timelapses below.

Podcast with Ron!

Make sure you also listen or watch our podcast with Ron from the other day!

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I have tried learning timelapse in my backyard and it just isn't as exciting as it would be to go out to the amazing landscapes in the west United States. I would love the opportunity to go out and join the crew learning Time last as well as enjoying some amazing vistas and dark skies that I don't get in St. Louis. Not to mention, meeting some amazing people and learning at the same time.

Have a look at the information below that Ron sent about the upcoming workshops and sign up ASAP as spots are going fast!

We have two new workshops in October that are taking place at Valley of Fire State Park in the Mojave Desert of Nevada. With these workshops I am also very proud to announce that Rich Harrington will be a guest instructor for our 3-day Timelapse Workshop, and Timelapse Cinematographer Keith Kiska will be the guest instructor for our 4-day Motion Control Timelapse Workshop. Both of these instructors bring incredible amount of skills with them with regard to post production and motion control timelapse capture.

Dark Skies of Utah

Ron sent us this quote about the video they shot at the last workshops

the collaborative video that I put together from our Spring Timelapse Moab workshops. This breathtaking 4 minute film was captured by 11 different photographers over a 10 day period, most of whom were capturing timelapses for the very first time – well, after a day or two of instruction.

Timelapse: Valley of Fire Timelapse Photography Workshop announces that early bird registration is now open for Timelapse: Valley of Fire, an intimate 3 and 4-day dark sky timelapse workshop taking place in the Mojave Desert, Nevada this October.

Timelapse: Valley of Fire is an exclusive timelapse photography workshop that focuses on teaching the skills needed to capture day and night timelapses – with a focus on the night sky. The workshops are open to photographers and cinematographers of all skill levels.

Valley of Fire State Park, located in the Mojave Desert of Nevada, is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes you have ever seen. Over 20 miles of breathtaking rainbow vistas, natural arches, stone cabins, slot canyons, wave rocks, and red-rock cliffs make this one of the most amazing destinations to capture timelapses.

Located just 60 miles from Las Vegas, Valley of Fire State Park is easy to access, but far enough away to allow the night sky to fill with stars. Workshop instructor Ron Risman chose this location due to the incredible red-rock landscape, dry desert weather, and dark skies. The dates of this workshop also correspond to the new moon, allowing participants the ability to capture stunning photographs and timelapses of the Milky Way using their digital SLR and an external intervalometer.

Timelapse: Valley of Fire is being offered both as a 3-day workshop for photographers looking to learn how to create professional quality timelapse sequences, and as a 4-day workshop for intermediate and advance timelapse photographers looking to take their timelapses to the next level using 1-axis, 2-axis, and 3-axis motion-control dollies from Dynamic Perception and Pan & Tilt heads from eMotimo. The 4-day workshop is also ideal for participants of the first workshop who want to continue their education by becoming proficient with motion control gear. Moving the camera during a timelapse helps to add dimension and depth to timelapse sequences.

valley of fire

3-Day Timelapse Workshop covers:

  • How to capture timelapses using your digital SLR
  • The best settings to capture the night sky in motion
  • How to light the foreground to help bring enhance your night timelapses
  • How to eliminate flicker when capturing a timelapse
  • How to use your computer and apps to scout locations and sky conditions
  • How, why and when to “drag the shutter” when capturing timelapses
  • How to best capture day-to-night timelapse sequences
  • How to choose the best aperture, shutter speed, interval, and ISO
  • How interval & exposure impacts the feel and pacing of your timelapse
  • How to capture & process HDR Timelapses
  • JPEG & RAW Post Production Workflow techniques using Adobe Lightroom and LRTimelapse
  • The many variables (some controllable, some not) that can affect your timelapse and how to prepare for them

valley of fire header

4-Day Motion Control Timelapse Workshop covers:

  • How to use the Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly with MX3 Controller (1-axis)
  • How to use the eMotimo TB3 Black motorized Pan & Tilt head (2-axis)
  • How to combine the eMotimo TB3 with the Stage One Dolly for killer 3-axis timelapses
  • * We’ll have motion control sliders and heads on hand for workshop participants to use & share
  • How to select the best settings to use when moving your camera during a timelapse
  • Hyper lapse and Drive lapse techniques and discussion
  • Inexpensive techniques to light the foreground to help bring enhance your night timelapses
  • How to decide when to use ND Filters to enhance your timelapse sequences
  • How to combine day-to-night capture techniques with motion control camera moves
  • Advanced post-production workflow techniques using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and LRTimelapse
  • Music: Selecting and Licensing
  • Putting it all together in post

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The Instructors

About Ron Risman
Ron Risman is an award winning cinematographer, editor of, and timelapse cinematographer and instructor located on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Ron has been a photographer & videographer for over 25 years and continues to follow his passion when it comes to capturing and teaching night photography. His past clients include Restoration Hardware, Liberty Mutual, FOX News CT, WFXT Orlando 9, Rev’it Motorsports International, Scorpion Helmets, and Berklee College of Music. His work was also featured recently in the HBO Documentary “The Crash Reel.”

Guest Instructors
We are proud to announce that our guest instructor for the 3-day workshop is Rich Harrington and that Keith Kiska will be our guest instructor for the 4-day motion timelapse workshop this October.

About Rich Harrington
Richard Harrington is both a photographer and video pro, and combines his love of both into his professional career. He is also the owner of RHED Pixel, a visual communications company in Washington, DC. Rich has been a certified instructor for Adobe, Apple, and Avid – and regularly blogs at his personal blog ( and is the Publisher of

Rich is also an internationally published author of several books including From Still to Motion: A Photographers guide to creating video with your DSLR, Creating DSLR Video, Understanding Adobe Photoshop, and An Editor’s Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro.

About Keith Kiska
Keith Kiska is the Owner and Creative Director of Kiska Media, a video production company specializing in corporate video and time-lapse photography. He is currently an author on with classes ranging from motion time-lapses to outdoor photography.

Kiska Media’s in house video series, Photo Trekker has been a creative gold mine for the team, pushing them to expand their fine art photography business and experiment with time-lapses and cinematography like never before. His photography will soon be on displayed at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. as a highly honored winner of the Natures Best Photography competition.

Contact Information:

Ron Risman
[email protected]

Visit for more information

$100 off code!

TLVOF5D will save your readers $100 off either of the workshops. to register

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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