Atomos Ninja Star – The Pocket-size Apple ProRes Recorder and Deck

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Is this a game changer? I don't really like that term but Atomos just released the new Ninja Star. This is a pocket size external recorder that records Prores files from your camera of choice. All that for less than $300.

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Here are the major feature breakdown:

– Worlds smallest portable recorder.
– Standardize your cameras to a Prores workflow.
– Supports high end cameras, DSLR's and GoPros.
– Weighs only 4.6 oz.
– Uses CF cards as storage
– Ultra long battery life
As we keep adding more and more accessories to your camera the size of the accessories is more important. The Ninja Star is tiny and I love that. It weighs only 4.6 oz. In case you don't know why that is so killer just think of the uses. You can add this to your DJI Phantom and record Prores 10 bit 422 files from your Gopro for your ariel shots. This is huge.

Another thing is how often we are mixing cameras on our productions. I hate having a variety of different capture formats and having to convert and conform in post. If you have a Ninja Star on your main camera, your DSLR and your actioncam then your workflow is set as soon as you are wrapped. Everything matches and is ready for your post workflow. Simple.

CF cards are still a durable and reliable media format. They are also light. If you have a 256GB CF card and set the device to record at Prores HQ you can record up to 2 and half hours of footage. If you are using this on your GoPro that would double your record time and it would be in Apple Prores HQ to boot!

The battery consumption is next to nothing. As I mentioned earlier we are using more and more accessories on our shoots. One thing I hate is how much battery management I am forced to do. Everything needs batteries or needs adapters to connect to larger batteries. The Atomos Ninja Star can run on its own battery for up to 5 hours. That is unbelievable.

The big drawback is there is no built in monitor. You are recording blind. If you need to see what you recorded you can connect the recorder to any HDMI device via the HDMI micro port. If you have an SDI devices you can get the Atomos Connect converter and you can bring in any SDI compatible device.

What do you think about this new micro recorder?

What is the Ninja Star?

The Ninja Star is a video recorder that connects to your camera via HDMI, bypassing internal compression to capture video directly from the sensor in pristine, Apple ProRes format.

Does my camera work with Ninja Star?
Your camera will need to support “clean out”, meaning that menu overlays aren't displayed when viewing through HDMI. For a complete list of growing cameras, visit our Camera compatibility support page. If your camera isn't listed here, try contacting our Atomos Support for further assistance.

What kind of media do I record onto?
The Ninja Star can record onto CFast 1.0 and CFast 2.0 media, giving you the choice of affordable media. For ProRes recording, the write speeds of CFast 1.0 is sufficient giving you a truly affordable media solution. Atomos CFast 1.0 media is available wherever Atomos Ninja Stars are sold.

Read more info and complete FAQs on the Atomos Ninja Star HERE

Atomos Ninja Star Features

Atomos Ninja Star featured points

CineGear – Atomos Ninja Star and Cheap CFast Cards & Reader from Nate Weber on Vimeo

(cover photo credit: snap from Atomos)

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