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planetMitch note: this is one of the topics we covered on the planet5D podcast this past week – see what we said!

Recently Vimeo introduced a new Copyright Match service to their website. This has caused a lot of feedback and some concerns.

Let me state off the bat that I am for efforts to protect copyrighted material as that is the business we are all in. We get paid based off the content we create. We shouldn't steal (borrow, use etc) content for any of our productions.

With that said my biggest concern was what happens when I am using Vimeo to share content with my clients (when the videos are private and not public)?

The Copyright match was set to scan all videos even those that weren't available to the public. Vimeo recognized this issue and updated their policy and they are removing the Copyright Match for private videos.

They are listening to feedback and trying to stop illegal usage but not try and make it hard for legitimate videos to be screened out.

What do you think about the new update?

Copyright Match on Vimeo

From Vimeo” target=”_blank”>Vimeo:

This blog post is receiving lots of comments and questions — thanks everyone for the feedback! We will respond to as many as possible, but we can’t get to all of them. So…

• We’ll continue updating our FAQ with answers to common questions:
• You can contact us directly here: **

Also, some Vimeans have described a use case that they’re concerned will be affected by Copyright Match: Uploading private videos for the purpose of temporary client review.

We want to support the creative process, and Copyright Match wasn’t intended to hinder these efforts. So we’re going to work on changing the system to better support this. While we work on this, we are going to temporarily suspend Copyright Match scanning for private videos in Plus/PRO accounts.

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We’ll post another update as soon as we have a longer term solution in place. Thanks again for your honest feedback and passion for making sure that Vimeo remains the best place for artists and creative professionals on the Web! <3

** If you email us, please note that we have limited support over the weekend and Monday is a US holiday. A member of the Vimeo Community Team will respond to every single inquiry as soon as possible!

Read the full Vimeo post HERE

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