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HDRinstant sent us this announcement and we're currently looking to see if we can do an evaluation for you guys.

There have always been people wanting to take stills from video and it isn't always easy to get something you really like – so this tool looks like it could be very interesting and helpful.

Have any of you seen it? Tried it?

HDRinstant Press Release

Imagine being able to get even more interesting photographs than a stills photographer but from video! HDRinstant makes this possible.

HDRlog SARL is very excited to announce the standalone version of HDRinstant. The software has been specially created for professional videographers and photographers allowing them to create great looking still grabs from video under difficult light conditions.

Imagine for example that you are filming a concert and you’ve got some great footage but you’d like a still image. Of course you can get a simple still grab from the video but the quality of the image will probably be very poor and will contain a lot of noise. High-contrasting light conditions can make still grabs like this even worse. Now you have a solution to this problem.

Using HDRinstant’s patent-pending technology, videographers can transform a scene containing high-contrasting light into a stunning image. This is accomplished by using the neighboring frames of a selected frame in a video to create one single image.

It’s as simple as this – You choose your favorite frame from the video and HDRinstant stacks the neighboring frames of the favorite one to increase signal to noise ratio (which reduces noise) thereby increasing dynamic range. It is quite simple to understand because image stacking is the equivalent to a long exposure. By doing this, the videographer has a final image that contains less noise and more detail. HDRinstant also applies a morphing algorithm to the image to remove movement between the stacked frames. This allows you to choose your favorite part of the video and create a great still with it.

Videographers, compared to photographers have a much greater chance of capturing the right moment as they are constantly filming. With HDRinstant you can choose the moment that you would have missed and create something that is aesthetically pleasing.

HDRinstant can also be beneficial to your business. Videographers haven’t always got time to do stills when they’re shooting and advertising/PR agencies don’t always want to hire a photographer. HDRinstant makes the job easier for everyone by bridging the gap between videography and photography, providing more media with less time and effort. Not only does HDRinstant save money for your clients but it costs the fraction of the price of an Adobe product. You can simply concentrate on filming and become the photographer during post-processing!

You can use your images for your website, add them to flyers and brochures and insert them into your mailing lists. Seize that magic moment in your video and transform it into a great looking image with HDRinstant.

HDRinstant is a standalone program for Windows and Mac and is currently available free of charge as a beta version. Version 1.0 will come with more sliders, tools and presets. A single-user license of the final version 1.0 will be available for $89(US) but it can be pre-ordered for $49 US. For more information or to download the beta, visit

About HDRlog: HDRinstant software is developed by HDRlog SARL, a young innovative company dedicated to developing a new approach towards HDR-video. Doctor Jacques Joffre, CEO of HDRlog and photographer since 1973 is co-founder of HDRsoft, developers of the Photomatix Software.

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