I really like this guy.

He knows math; he knows images; and he knows gear.

With this one video, I believe he is going to fundamentally change people’s buying decision process when it comes to crop sensor vs. full frame sensor cameras and their lenses.

It’s going to change the industry.


And the reason why is because he educates in a very compelling way how much of the industry – and most consumers – have got the whole discussion around crop sensor dynamics – and their ramifications for lenses (ESPECIALLY lenses)…


Dead wrong.

Watch for yourself. It’s a long vid at 37+ minutes, but well worth it.

I can tell you that his math and images match my own expectations and experience as I downsized from a 5D Mk II to the Rebel SL1. But I definitely learned a few things too, especially around equivalent ISO.

Oh, one other thing: I think he draws one very wrong conclusion about the irrelevance of ISO (Tony, to say that all we need to do is have the same number of photons hitting a smaller sensor may be true, but is irrelevant when you can’t change it – e.g., at a sporting event, concert, or on the street – something which you yourself allude to).

But this is not intended as criticism. It is, rather, a kudos and hopefully a contribution to a productive dialogue (something we have far too little of these days): he put his opinion out there, his rationale for it — and challenged us to think differently.

Outstanding piece!

Are Camera Manufacturers Misleading Us by Not Calculating Sensor Size Into Specs?

Tony Northrup, an award-winning author and well-known reviewer of camera gear, recently put out a video that takes an interesting, in-depth look at how mirrorless camera companies might be fudging the specifications of mirrorless cameras to make them seem better than they are.

The video (which is basically an expansion on this shorter, very controversial demonstration) is an extremely long watch, coming in at almost 40 minutes, but it goes into great detail regarding how Northrup believes camera manufacturers are cheating and misleading us. He claims the stats like ISO, focal length and aperture are untrue as presented due to variations in hardware — specifically the sensor size.

Read full details and Mr. Northrup’s response to the video comments on Petapixel’s article “Are Camera Manufacturers Misleading Us by Not Calculating Sensor Size Into Specs?”

Note: it is our policy to give credit as well as deserved traffic to our news sources – so we don’t repost the entire article – sorry, I know you want the juicy bits, but I feel it is only fair that their site get the traffic and besides, you just might make a new friend and find an advertiser that has something you’ve never seen before

(cover photo credit: snap from Petapixel)

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