Questions, Answers, and a curved sensor? planet5D podcast #15

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We had a lot of fun recording this one… I think we were all punchy because I had massive problems with the setup… I thought I had everything right after last week's show, but something just wasn't right. I spent an hour and a half getting fixed up (I'm not an audio producer thank
goodness!) and Barry was patient enough to work thru the issues with me.

As you can see below, we had plenty to talk about so this is a jam packed hour!
Discussion Notes:

  • How to achieve Film Noir Lighting – Art term – Chiaroscuro
  • Lighting Terms (Cookies, Flags)
  • Slow motion on iPhone 5 or 4 with software update
  • Apple software updates and dumbing down of software.
  • Traveling with Gear (Do you ship, take on plane or pick up local?)
  • Mitch dropped his lens (Cost and repairs)
  • CF/SD Card Issues (Format the card in camera, cards only for each camera, copying files and errors in transferring, Card ratings and the speed of card)
  • Sony's new curved sensor (Also new curved TV sets)

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Jem Schofield is Our Guest on the Next Podcast

Coming on June 24th at 11am ET (join us live so you can ask questions!)

Jem Schofield, founder of theC47 and the host of its video podcast “gearbox”, is a producer, author and educator who teaches production and post-production solutions at workshops, trade shows and special events. He is also the co-founder and director of The Filmmaker's Intensive, an annual two week program that focuses on narrative filmmaking.

Jem is an Apple Mentor Trainer and co-author of the Apple Pro Training Series book entitled Motion 4 Quick-Reference Guide. He is also the co-author of the Apple Pro Training Series book entitled Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Studio 2 and a contributing author of the Apple Pro Training Series book: DVD Studio Pro 4, 2nd Edition.

Check out his website –


Barry Andersson (find his book at that link)
(website) is an award-winning independent filmmaker. His career started with live television video production and now includes several acclaimed short films, a television pilot, commercials, and a feature film.

Pamela Ann Berry describes herself as a “Mom, photographer, video producer, camera operator, actress, always looking to get better and learn more. I want to set myself apart and continue doing what I love.”

twitter @pamelaannberry

planetMitch well, I hope by now you know who I am

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