planet5D podcast #13 – Jon Holland – music producer and filmmaker

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Jon Holland and I met at NAB 2014 and hit it off right away… he's not only a music producer who's been around the block and a composer, as well as a fantastic musician, but he can hold a great conversation too… PLUS, he wrote our new planet5D podcast theme song!

We talked about a lot of different topics including:

  • Beats acquisition by Apple
  • Jon's new “album”
  • Jon's history with composing music for gaming systems
  • How to work with a composer for your film project
  • His advice for noob composers/music producers
  • and much more!

NOTE: I'm very disappointed in the audio I'm recording it via Google hangouts, and I'm having trouble with my Mac Recording the audio directly from the hangout, so you're stuck with the audio from the YouTube version of the live broadcast. I have inserted a higher quality version of the introduction music as well as the sample audio from Jon's compositions.

Here's Jon's composition for our new planet5D podcast theme!

planet5D podcast audio version




planet5D podcast video version

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Show notes and links

Jon Holland links:

Story on Apple purchase of Beats:


Barry Andersson (find his book at that link)
(website) is an award-winning independent filmmaker. His career started with live television video production and now includes several acclaimed short films, a television pilot, commercials, and a feature film.

Pamela Ann Berry describes herself as a “Mom, photographer, video producer, camera operator, actress, always looking to get better and learn more. I want to set myself apart and continue doing what I love.”

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