Movi M5 + Canon 5D Mk iii – Boston Test

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I think I'm suffering from MoVI envy.

Yep.  No question about it.

Our production team had to do a low angle, three shot sequence a few weeks ago which we chose to do with nothing more than image stabilized lenses, a well-balanced cage with handle, and FCP X's built-in stabilization and shutter roll corrections. Let me rephrase that: given our budget (pro bono), we had no choice.

What we WANTED to use wasn't a Glidecam or Steadicam — although those are great tools.  We WANTED to try out the MoVI M5.  What made it worse is that a few nights later, a couple of our buds showed footage at a meetup where they HAD used a MoVI M5.  The movements were incredible.

Now Alex Pickering has shared with us some of his test footage using the MoVI M5 and a Canon 5D Mk III, and my hat is off to him.  I realized my jaw was hanging open on his very first shot.

Check it out for yourself.


Movi M5 Boston Test


First test run of the Movi M5 carrying a 5D MK iii. this is the first time I've ever used this tool. I ran the system without a monitor around Boston. No follow focus was used.

Even just in Majestic mode this is a very awesome rig. Look for many more videos to come!

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)
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Hugh Brownstone

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