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Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of “apps” for my iPhone or iPad. I find many of them I install and then hardly use. It is because of this that I don't pay as much attention to apps unless I really feel I will use them.

I recently found about about a lighting app for the iPad and this is one I will be using for sure.

Whether you are on a job where you have the ability to do a tech scout and lay out your lighting layout or just making notes on where you placed the lights you did.

Lighting Designer App for Ipad with Creator Clayton Combe

Via Cinematography Database:

If you are a cinematographer, gaffer, or lighting director, one of your most important jobs is to communicate your vision and your lighting plan. I’m a big fan of pen and paper, but there are certain projects where you need help drawing floor plans, designing, keep track of equipment, versioning, and sharing. Luckily for you, a visionary cinematographer/gaffer/app designer created “Lighting Designer App” to save your butt!

If you are familiar with making 2D lighting diagrams in Omnigraffle, this is like that on steroids and designed specifically for the film/tv lighting industry. And it runs on your iPhone and/or iPad! If you work in the lighting department, you owe it to yourself to read this Q/A and learn more about this brilliant and constantly evolving app.


Q&A with Clayton Combe

CDB: Tell us about yourself and what you do in the film industry.
Clayton: I’m a cinematographer primarily, but I came up through electric and I still do a lot of gaffing, besting, and board operating. You can check out my DP work on my website,

CDB: How did you come up with the idea for “Lighting Designer App?”
Clayton: The “aha” moment came when I was working on a studio prelight. The gaffer had just bought an iPad (first generation), and he was playing around with it, but when it came time to set lights, he’d put it down and pick up his paper notepad to draw out the plot with channel numbers. It occurred to me that the iPad was the perfect tool for this. By the time we’d gotten all the lights set, they’d all been moved several times and had to be crossed out and re-drawn, making the original drawn plot a complete illegible mess. I wanted to create a better way.

Learn more about the Lighting Designer App.

Read full Q&A at Cinematography Database's article “Lighting Designer App for Ipad with Creator Clayton Combe”

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