King Solomon – Shot with RED Scarlet + Nikon D800

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We are always looking at videos online. This one I think is worth the watch. It is a little over 2 minutes and mixes RED footage with the Nikon D800.

It isn't the image I think that makes this stand out but rather the sound design and the editing.

Check it out and see how much a good sound design and how you put the pieces together in your video make it stand out from the crowd.

King Solomon

Message from Jared Rosenthal:

Hey Mitch!

Hope you've been well. Just wanted to send you the latest if you have a minute or two to take a look – shot on the Scarlet and a D800 with a 24mm tilt shift. Would love to hear your thoughts!


Portrait of a NYC subway drummer.
Featuring “Amazen King” Solomon Roe

Directed by Jared Rosenthal
Cinematography by Ricardo Campos
Tilt Shift Photography by Rahul Sharma
Edited by Luca Repola & Jared Rosenthal

Special Thanks to Alex Linzmeier

Additional music from the Vimeo Music Store
“Eschatology II” by Andrew Christopher Smith (

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Hello,
    As a D800 user I would like to know which shots are the Nikon and which are the RED.

    Robert A. Ober

  2. inforobob  Hi Robert,

    Anything in slow-motion is RED, as well as the interview and the majority of the performance stuff with the wild camerawork. Most of the subway fly-by shots (including the one overhead of the train passing underneath and the one at 1:02) and the first 8 seconds or so of the video are all D800. We shot all of that stuff with a tilt-shift lens to try and get a different-looking perspective.

    In general the D800 was much cleaner in the subway station, but from a personal standpoint I thought it lacked a little bit of the grit that the RED noise added. It was a little bit tougher to grade as well, but still a great b-cam.

    – Jared

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