Introducing Shutterstock Music with more than 60,000 tracks!

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One thing that we often neglect (or ignore completely) is the music we pick for our projects (tho some of us also spend way too much time looking for music)… well, our friends at shutterstock have just enhanced the search by adding over 60k tracks of

I've been on shutterstock as a photographer for about 9 years now (is it really that long? Yikes!) And I've always been really pleased at how the site works and how it's been able to help me not only sell my photos, but is a place where you can purchase photos, and of course they now offer a bazillion video clips (yes I counted LOL!), which you can use to enhance your projects when you can't go somewhere and shoot on location for example (like maybe Africa, or the Bahamas, or something that just doesn't fit in your budget).

So on your next project, when you need some audio clips, think of checking out

Introducing Shutterstock Music

Shutterstock now offers 60,000+ high-quality music tracks to address increasing market demand

Shutterstock Inc., a leading global provider of commercial digital imagery and footage, has launched a groundbreaking music licensing offering. Shutterstock Music features thousands of high-quality tracks – available via simple and affordable license options – making it easier than ever for businesses, marketers, producers and filmmakers to add quality sounds to commercial videos and creative projects.

“As technology makes it easier to stream rich media, our video footage licensing business has been growing rapidly,” said Shutterstock's Founder and CEO Jon Oringer. “With that comes a growing need for sound, and we felt we could offer high-quality music with simpler pricing than what is currently available,” he added. “Shutterstock makes it easier than ever for businesses to obtain the highest quality music for their productions.”

Shutterstock partnered with Rumblefish, the world leader in music micro-licensing to offer more than 60,000 tracks for license at launch. Over the coming months, the company will continue to expand the collection to include songs and sound effects from independent artists, music labels and music publishers. To learn more about Shutterstock Music, visit Shutterstock's Blog. To submit your music catalog for consideration, sign up here. You can also view a short video, here.

Shutterstock currently offers 1.7 million royalty-free footage clips for licensing, over 30,000 of which are 4K.

Shutterstock is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Berlin, Chicago, Denver, London, and San Francisco, and has customers in more than 150 countries.

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