How to construct a simple compelling video

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Ok. Maybe you aren't interested in making mountain bike films. But this clever video shows you the basics for creating compelling and successful videos.

I think it is good for everyone to review some of the basic building blocks of how to make a good video.

I have never seen the rule of 3 x 3 explained in this way.

I know you will find this video a worthwhile watch.

Here are a few of the tips they give you in the video

#1- Come up with an idea.
#2- Tell a story.
#3- Remember people are interested in people.
#4- Introduce your characters.
#5- Show their faces.
#6- Let the audience know how they feel.
#7- Use a tripod.
#8- Don't zoom.
#9- Learn the rule 3 x 3.
#10- Watch the video to find out the rule of 3 x 3.


Via Filme von Draussen on Vimeo:

These are some of the things I learned during the last couple of years, making films out there on the trails. If you are serious about action sports filmmaking, check out our workshop:

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. This is silly. “Use a tripod, don’t zoom”

    There are no steadfast rules for good storytelling, especially not these arbitrary ones. Experimentation and trial and error leads to success.

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