Fake Chuck Westfall Finally Revealed! It’s not me…

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I've always had some affection for Fake Chuck Westfall, but it became more important to me when I met the real Chuck Westfall in 2010… it just became more personal for me. I love sitting down with the real Chuck and having a conversation about people and gear.

But I was always curious about this persona of Fake Chuck – and I even asked Real Chuck if he knew the Fake Chuck – of course, nobody knew… until now.

Karel Donk is/was Fake Chuck Westfall

And let's not forget, we had the very first LIVE interview with Fake Chuck last fall! Hear that below

Oh – and we are thrilled that planet5D got a couple of mentions in the ‘coming out post' from Karel Donk as well as the Photo District News' article where Karel Donk was first interviewed after coming out! Here's a snip from that story:

Fake Steve Jobs turned out to be writer Dan Lyons but Fake Chuck Westfall has remained anonymous… until now.

After tweeting on the FCW Twitter account last week that he was planning to pull the plug on Fake Chuck Westfall, the man behind the controversial blog agreed to be interviewed by PDN to explain who he is, why he created FCW, and why he’s putting an end to it. (And no, it’s not because Canon is threatening legal action, as it did back in 2009, which turned Fake Chuck Westfall into a photo industry Internet celebrity and caused the blog’s traffic to skyrocket.)

Q&A with Fake Chuck Westfall

Interview from PDN:

Q: Tell us about the man behind Fake Chuck Westfall: who are you and how did you get involved in photography?

A: My name is Karel Donk, and I’m from Suriname, South America. I know this is going to surprise a lot of people as I think most of them probably assumed I lived in the USA. Photography was always something that interested me, from very early childhood. I used to read science books for kids, and there were experiments in there with optics, like building pinhole cameras and things like that. And it fascinated me.

Fake Chuck Westfall

I once took apart my dad’s binoculars just so I could play with the lenses and use them to build “projection systems.” Later on when I saw a digital camera for the very first time I knew I had to have one. But it would take a few years before I could afford and buy my very own digital camera and it’s been a hobby ever since. Eventually I got reasonably good at it to the point where I started getting some paid jobs and right now I also do it professionally as well.

Read Fake Chuck Westfall's full interview at Photo District News' article “Fake Chuck Westfall Unmasked!: Photographer Behind Controversial Canon Blog Reveals Why He’s Calling It Quits”

planet5D Fake Chuck podcast video version

Note: this show does not retain our usual clean rating 🙂
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(cover photo credit: snap from the Photo District News)

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