Congratulations to the Lucky Winner of the DitoGear™ MotionKit GiveAway

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Sorry I'm a bit late with this announcement, but we did pick a winner in the DitoGear MotionKit giveaway from a couple of weeks ago and we did get an acknowledgement from the winner.

Congratulations to the Winner!

Message from Dheerankur Upasak”:

I have been an editor, videographer and a photographer since the last 12-13 years ( an astronomer too…landed frequently on planet5D) and to be honest planet5D has kept me really informed about the technological advancements. It is one of a kind blog which covers nearly all the aspects related to stills and moving pictures.

Thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge and informations.

I have a really bad record of winning anything but the moment I saw a DitoGear product as giveaway I became optimistic as I wanted to have this anyhow. DittoGear is the Ferrari of video equipments and who doesn't want to have it 🙂

I woke up and checked the mails and was just going to delete a mail titled as “WINNER” thinking thats its a spam mail from xyz country…but hold on I see the name of plant5D…. OOOOOOOOH YAAAAA….ITS DITOGEAR….OOOOOH YAAA. Its a dream come true honestly. One of the best days of my life, it started with a mail and ended with a lot of empty bottles of beer 😉

Thanks planet5D and DitoGear.

Will do justice with the product as I know a lot of people must have wished for this. Will share my work as soon as I get it in my hands.

Thanks a ton
Dheerankur Upasak

DitoGear™ MotionKit

DitoGear™ MotionKit is a family of Motion Control Add-ons designed for the following sliders:

1. Cinevate (Atlas 10 / 30 / 200 / FLT / Pegasus)
2. Dynamic Perception (Stage One Dolly)
3. Glidecam (VistaTrack 10-48)
4. Kessler Crane® (Kessler CineSlider™, Kessler Pocket Dolly®, Kessler Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly®, Kessler Stealth™)

Learn More –

Check Other Products –

(cover photo credit: snap from DitoGear)


  1. Thanks Planet5d and DitoGear… Now I am waiting for this 🙂

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