Comparing a $1 Lavalier Microphone with a Professional Lav Mic

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In any of my training classes, sound is a major discussion point. In the “good old days,” everyone was a master of their craft on set. In today's world, more and more “jobs” are falling to less and less people.

This means many people who have never done sound before are now responsible for capturing good sound while at the same time recording great video.

To many, this is a scary process. Add to that equipment you have never used before and it can be very daunting in trying to shift through what to buy to produce the best results.

We found this great video where World Press Photo Academy did a test where they compare several different microphones, placement of the microphones as well as external recording devices. The most interesting comparasion was they compared a $1 lavalier microphone to other mics and proved in the right setting, a $1 mic can get good quality audio.

Can a $1 Lavalier Microphone Compare with a Professional Lav?


Via Youtube:

In this video, D J Clark tests a series of microphones on his roof top in Beijing. Against a backdrop of traffic and other city sounds he puts tie clip mics, shotgun mics and sound recorders through their paces to see how the different equipment sounds in different conditions. The conclusion – proximity matters much more than expensive kit.

To follow the free World Press Photo Academy – Connected Learning multimedia course go to:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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