Brilliant Short Film Demonstrates How Less is More

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Rarely do story, effects, acting, editing, shot selection, budget, and script meld so impressively over the course of a minute and half as in this short, done by charity organization Save The Children.

Truly impressive how they are able to bring an immediacy to events occurring thousands of miles away — while simultaneously making unthinkable tragedy that “could never happen here” — thinkable.

Nothing more to write, really, other than: check it out.

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Via DSLR Video Shooter:

While attending Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion Tour there was one thing Vincent said that I couldn’t forget, “The more subtle you are as a directer the better you’ll be.” Vincent made this statement while showing a war scene that was short and to the point and was better for it without all the extravagance of VFX.

In this short piece, the writers and director could have zoomed out to show a larger picture, but they decided to focus everything on the moments and emotions of a little girl and nothing else.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Exactly the same we have in Ukraine in Donbass region where the ukrainian army forces bombing and killing Ukrainians.

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