WorldWide product release! Nautilus Tripod Wheels from DSLR Solutions

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planetMitch note: We're thrilled to bring you another WorldWide Exclusive product announcement from DSLR Solutions – the Nautilus Tripod Wheels! It is a great thrill to be able to support not only the large players in our markets, but the start-ups as well… it does bring me great pleasure to be able to share so many amazing things!

planet5D exclusive: Introducing Nautilus Tripod Wheels from DSLR Solutions

Many of us indie filmmakers stay away from dollies because they take time to set up; cost a pile; have limited versatility; and require at least two people.

But man, do the shots they enable add production value (THE ROCK, anyone?).

So we're keenly interested in this announcement from DSLR Solutions called Nautilus Tripod Wheels. It aims to bridge the distance between slider and dolly and remove pretty much every objection to using either.

It isn’t that something like this hasn’t been done before – putting a tripod on wheels — but I have to say, the WAY they’ve implemented it (a minimalist conjunction of slider wheels with a variety of track options) seems clever.

And reasonably priced (somewhere well south of the midpoint between professional dollies and DIY rigs at $249).

We have some questions (can it handle something on the order of a Cartoni set of sticks? how smooth is it in practice?), which we hope to answer when we get our hands on a set, but in the meantime, check out the worldwide exclusive announcement below.

Nautilus Tripod Wheels – Track Dolly and Camera Slider system

The Nautilus Tripod Wheels™ are a Track Dolly and Camera Slider system that provides the ability to achieve beautiful cinematic motion in one affordable package. Made right here in the USA.

There is no platform to constrain your tripod, nor limits on slider length, just three elegant wheel assemblies that mount directly to your tripod legs. This allows you to run your tripod in many configurations and on a variety of inexpensive track – even on curved track. The Nautilus Tripod Wheels give you unprecedented options for capturing moving cinematic shots.

Tripod Wheels - Camera-Slider - Track-Dolly

Tripod Wheels – Camera-Slider – Track-Dolly

A visual introduction to the Nautilus Tripod Wheels


  • Nautilus Tripod Wheel Assembly (3)
  • Padded U-bolts (6) with Pouch
  • Nylon Carrying Bag
  • Sincere gratitude for supporting our small business!

The Nautilus Tripod Wheels run on straight or curved track from 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ diameter.

Choose the track that works best for your needs and the tripod wheels just follow along.

Tripod Wheels - Nautilus - Close-up

Tripod Wheels – Nautilus – Close-up

Nautilus Tripod Wheels – Track Options & Installation

What sets great footage apart from good footage is often camera movement and staging. The Nautilus Tripod Wheels enable track configuration possibilities to flow with your creativity. Our tripod wheels will really get your wheels turning.

The track options and installation video will help you decide where to start when it comes to choosing track. We explain the benefits and detail some track ideas, including how to use rubber hose as a really smooth curved dolly track. Check it out!

Learn more about the Nautilus Tripod Wheels

Nautilus Tripod Wheels – Extended Track Dolly & Slider Footage

Track length is limited only by what track you choose and how you configure it. We show examples of the camera rolling nearly 50 feet on curved track in our extended footage video, and 10-foot slider shots are a breeze in almost any environment.

Now you can have the ability to capture professional dolly and slider moves for your next video or film project. Take a look at some of the extended sample shots to get an idea of what the Nautilus Tripod Wheels are capable of achieving.

Nautilus Tripod Wheels Bracket - U-bolt Close-up

Nautilus Tripod Wheels Bracket – U-bolt Close-up

Nautilus Tripod Wheels – Key Benefits

  • Unlimited track length.
  • Curved or straight track.
  • Multiple track diameter options.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Highly adaptable to many shooting styles.

You can purchase the Nautilus Tripod Wheels HERE

Learn more about the Nautilus Tripod Wheels

(cover photo credit: snap from DSLR Solutions)

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  1. Thanks Hugh and Mitch we truly appreciate the coverage. I will keep an eye on this post, as time allows to see if anyone has questions about our new offering. Thanks again! Cheers, Aric Spence – DSLR Solutions

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