Brave Man Captures Breathtaking Shots of World’s Biggest Waves

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Clark Little grew up in Hawaii. As a kid, he and his brother body-surfed in Waimea Bay – until he decided to get a board and try surfing.

“I just got this killer vibe and feeling.”

Fast forward to eight years ago, when, Little says, “My wife came home with a picture of a wave of Waimea shorebreak, and I’m like “honey, don’t bother buying a picture – I’ll go out, I’ll take it. “

He “started with a little point and shoot taking one picture at a time.” The first camera he used for surf shots was a Canon SD500 and “a $150 underwater housing from Amazon.”

He put his photos “out there” – on the web – and the next thing he knows, a UK company runs 20 of his shots. Following morning, he’s got 700 emails. Then it’s Good Morning America, the Today Show, Inside Edition, all on the phone trying to get him up to New York for the
next morning.

Since then, he’s appeared or been interviewed all over the world, from Japanese TV to an Apple promo piece.

It’s more than a little bit like riding a wave of a different kind.

Settings? Camera? His go-to gear (as of mid-2013) has evolved to Nikon bodies (D300, D3 and D4); Nikkor Fisheye 10.5mm and 16mm lenses; and waterproof housings by Water Housings Hawaii.

And with this written, you absolutely believe him when he says:

“I just went out there and did what I did and did what I loved…It’s fun, dude.”

Surf Photographer Clark Little on Staring Down Shorebreak to Get the Perfect Shot

Clark Little's Photographs of the Ocean Waves

Surf Photographer Clark Little Wave Shots Image 3

Surf Photographer Clark Little Wave Shots Image 2

Surf Photographer Clark Little Wave Shots Image 1

Clark Little’s photographs of the shorebreak are simply jaw-dropping! The surf photographer captures the stunning beauty of ocean waves from an entirely new perspective – inside the wave!

Check out more photos on Reshareworthy's article “This Brave Man Dives Into The World’s Biggest Waves. What He Captures On Camera Is Spectacular!”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Reshareworthy)

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