Winners of the Benro tripod gear announced

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Our recent giveaway is over unfortunately for most… but we've got 3 lucky (and excited as you can see below) winners this time!

We've got plenty more giveaways lined up – so you'll get more chances to win.

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Congratulations to these three winners!

First place went to Gregory Bracco. He'll get the Benro CF S8 Video Tripod Kit

First Prize Benro CF S8 Video Tripod Kit

Gregory said:

I was at work when i received notification of winning the Benro Tripod. I was so surprised and very happy.

I started reading when i stepped up in equipment and purchased my 5DIII.

For years I have been shooting stills and video with my 7D, but as my experience grew I wanted a better.

I love the reviews, both written and video that planet5D has.

I particularly like the lens reviews since I was also in the market for a new lens.

I subscribe to the 5D feed and get something in my email everyday from planet5D, many times it contains information I didn’t know or ideas I would never have tried.

I usually never enter online contests, but I did this time. And I am very happy to have entered.

The new Benro Tripod will come in very happy. Thank you so much.

Second place winner Mike Sutton said:

I am very excited to have won a new Benro Tripod system from planet5D. I was actually lamenting getting a new tripod as we need another 12lbs plus payload setup for our Kessler sliders, high-speed cameras and telephoto lenses.
This contest win couldn't have happened at a better time as we are launching a new photo/video studio called Frozen Prosperity.

I love reading planet5D news online so winning is an extra plus. Thank you planet5D

Michael Sutton

Second Prize Benro AL S8 Video Tripod Kit

Here's what third place winner Wesley Jones had to say when notified of winning:

First of all I would like to thank planet5D and Benro for the amazing S8 Video Head.

I have been slowly trying to get together some gear for a few years now and this video head will be the last piece of the puzzle!

planet5D the best resource for a beginner like myself.

Third Prize  Benro S8 Video Head

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