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We've got a constant stream of giveaways coming your way! The latest is the MotionKit from DitoGear – the value varies depending on which kit you get, but it ranges from $800 to $1400!

You can always find our current giveaway at

DitoGear™ MotionKit

DitoGear™ MotionKit is a family of Motion Control Add-ons designed for the following sliders:

1. Cinevate (Atlas 10 / 30 / 200 / FLT / Pegasus)
2. Dynamic Perception (Stage One Dolly)
3. Glidecam (VistaTrack 10-48)
4. Kessler Crane® (Kessler CineSlider™, Kessler Pocket Dolly®, Kessler Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly®, Kessler Stealth™)

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Installing DitoGear™ MotionKit

Win DitoGear™ MotionKit

Enjoy the 2nd DitoGear™ GiveAway via planet5D. A GiveAway winner will be able to pick one of available MotionKit bundles to breathe a new life to a 3rd party hardware.

This giveaway runs today thru May 26 at 7pm Central Daylight Time

DitoGear affiliates and business partners.
2. Worldwide shipping is covered
3. All customs, import taxes and handling is the responsibility of the winner
4. By entering, you agree to join the planet5D email list (you can unsubscribe at any time – but why would you want to?)
5. By entering, you agree to receive marketing communications from DitoGear™ (but you can opt out)
6. The product value can be traded against other purchase with DitoGear™, but can't be traded for cash.

Note: Kessler Crane®, Cinevate, Glidecam and Dynamic Perception and all their product trademarks belong to their respective owners and used for information purposes only. DitoGear™ nor its products are affiliated with or endorsed by Kessler Crane®, Glidecam and Dynamic Perception.

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