Upcoming! Watch us record the @jasonwingrove podcast LIVE! + ask Jason questions!

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As you saw last week, we've started recording the planet5D podcast again! Vincent Laforet was our first ‘new' guest and coming up this week, we not only have the interminable filmmaker Jason Wingrove, but you can join us live and ask questions as well!

Quick summary:

Guest: Master Cinematographer and filmmaker Jason Wingrove
Date/time: Thursday May 15 4pm EDT
Register: register online

Who is Jason Wingrove?

But you may be asking just who is Jason Wingrove? From his bio on his site:

Growing up a short walk from the Pinewood backlot, he gained a real love of ‘Behind the scenes’ having spent his childhood exploring the 007 stage.

After film school in Australia he grew up on set, honing his directing craft for over a decade working for hundreds of directors round the world as focus puller, camera operator and Cinematographer. As an awarded director & cinematographer of drama, comedy, and performance TVC’s, documentaries and short films, his commercials & shorts have won many awards at festivals worldwide garnering Clio, Axis, MADC, ATV, AWARD, ACS, Worldwide film Festival and Cannes advertising awards.

Jason Wingrove - a photo from his Vimeo profile

Jason Wingrove – a photo from his Vimeo profile

Live podcast?

I know this may be a bit curious as most podcasts are audio only – and we don't plan to really give up on the audio aspects of the planet5D podcast. In fact, the iTunes podcast stream will still be the audio only versions. So after the recording is complete, you'll still be able to get the podcast on iTunes.

So what's this “live” thing?

When I was doing the planet5D podcast about 3 years ago, I was doing live video feeds and we had a chatroom where people could pop in and ask questions and people loved it!

Most found that being able to see and interact with the planet5D guests to be a fantastic opportunity that they may never have gotten otherwise.

Think about the chance to be the interviewer or to ask the one burning question of someone that might be your idol (well, besides me of course) – you won't get that opportunity on any other podcast.

So that's why we're going to do this! We want you to be able to do something you've never been able to do before.

How do I attend the live podcast?

We're asking you to “register” to join us… that way we will be able to do many things… but mainly, we'll be able to send you reminders! How many times have you thought about doing something and then forgotten? If you're getting reminders, then you'll more likely attend.

So, after registering here, you'll get some email reminders and a link to join the live podcast at the appropriate time.

Join us live!

Sign up now and join us live!

We'll be doing some more live stuff – including some free and paid webinars so keep an eye on the planet5D universe!

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