Rare new comet tail event May 24 + Meteor Shower Time-Lapse + 10 Tips for Shooting Meteors

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If you're looking for something rare and incredibly new, have a look at this event happening this weekend! It could be a dud, or it could be amazing – one never knows with something this rare…

On May 24, 2014 and through Memorial Day weekend, we are about to pass through a brand new comet tail.

Thomas O'Brien sent this:

My name is Thomas O'Brien, I am a professional photographer based out of Aspen Colorado.

I just wanted to let you know I released a meteor shower time-lapse from the past 7 years of footage that i have shot around Aspen Co.

The Earth is about to pass through a brand new debris field from a comet that came through this area of space back in the 1800's. We will be moving through the area on the 24th of May and it could be a great meteor shower.


Description from Vimeo:

A collection of time-lapse shots from the past 7 years of meteor showers. Please watch in HD if you can (you can see more meteors). The footage was shot during the Perseid, Geminid and Leonid Meteor showers.

If you are interested in trying to photograph some meteors this weekend check out my blog post with a few basic tips on how to capture them muenchworkshops.com/blog/tips-for-photographing-meteor-showers

10 Tips for Photographing Meteor Showers

meteor image 1

On May 24, 2014 and through Memorial Day weekend, we are about to pass through a brand new comet tail. Not much is known about this meteor shower, but we do know the debris was created by a comet passing through this area of space in the 1800s. The best viewing will be in the Northern Hemisphere (Southern Canada and the continental US). As with all meteor showers it could be a dud or it could be great. The meteors will be radiating from the north in the constellation Camelopardalis and should be visible all night in the northern hemisphere.

Check out the 10 Tips for Photographing Meteor Showers HERE.

The Earth is about to pass through a stream of debris from the comet 209P/LINEAR this Memorial weekend. We don't know what the comet looked like back in the 1800's when it passed through this area of space, but there is a good chance we could be in for a meteor shower.

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All footage shot and edited by Thomas O'Brien and is available in 4K resolution.

Extensive use of LRTimelaspe and GBdeflicker were used to process and deflicker the footage. Cameras and lights powered by goalzero.com equipment. I carry all my gear in a Tilopa BC fstopgear.com/ bag

Music is “Time Lapse of Clouds” by Buoy (Jonathan Gjertsen)
Licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Any inquires (press, stock footage, projects , etc) please email me at tmophoto@gmail.com

Limited edition prints and stock footage available at tmophoto.com

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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