Panasonic GH4 – Seattle in 4k and the Bahamas + aerials

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A couple of recent Panasonic GH4 videos – both including aerial shots (a new trend? LOL) – first up is Erik's shoot from Seattle and then Ryan sent us his Bahamas Panasonic GH4 shoot.

Hey there, my name's Erik Hecht and I'm a camera man from Seattle.

I took my awesome new GH4 for a test shoot around Seattle, including a helicopter ride with incredible results. I think this camera is going to be very popular for aerial video. The sharpness and dynamic range are unlike anything I've seen from a DSLR.

I also tested the cameras time lapse mode and was very pleased with how well it works. The cameras ability to create 4K videos from the time lapses in-camera is a luxury that saves hours of post production.

Seattle in 4K // GH4 // Graded Version

GH4 – Postcard from Andros

Shot on Panasonic GH4, Defy G2 & Lumix 14mm 2.5. Shot at Andros + Kamalame Cay, Bahamas. Light grading in After Effects. I had a very short time to shoot this footage, but I'll do a more extensive test with actors next week.

I can safely say that the GH4 is the best DSLR I've ever used for video. It's much closer to the MX sensor (which I love) than the Blackmagic 4K, it just takes some work in-camera to produce the nicest possible image. I'll post more on that soon.

Song: James Newton Howard – I Will Carry You

what do you think?

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I prefer the quality and the look of Seattle, a much more  professional piece of art than Bahamas. Very poor grading in Bahamas…

  2. massestore  Thanks for the feedback.  If you could elaborate, I’d love to know where I went wrong, as I’m a self-taught filmmaker.

  3. massestore  They’re stylistically different, but both great executions of their own style. The Bahama one is beautiful; perhaps you just don’t like the low-contrast style, which is your prerogative. But to say it’s poor is just plain silly.

  4. massestore  I think those 2 videos can’t be compared because it is 2 different styles. I do like Ryan’s because it is more artistic (and it is a matter of taste but i like  faded and ultrafaded grading), I am just wondering if the Defy was configured propelly because it shouln’t move that much.

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