Panasonic GH4 – A Mini Epic in 4K: Written in an Hour, Shot in a Day and a Half

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I've hesitated showing this, but at the same time, there are plenty of people excited about this and I want to get your feedback! There's a lot of excitement about the Panasonic GH4 and most places are already sold out of their first shipments, so if this is indeed the ‘first 4k Panasonic GH4 short' then we need to talk about it right?

So I want your opinion on this Panasonic GH4 ‘first' short… sound off in the comments!

Le Cas GH4 – A mini epic in 4K

From Nick Driftwood in Vimeo:

A pastiche of the films ‘Le Casse‘ meets Leone's ‘For a Few Dollars More‘ and follow-up to last year's ‘GH3 Demobbed' mini-epic review!

This is the first Independent (non commissioned) film to be released made on a Panasonic GH4!! Absolutely no sponsorship from Panasonic. My view is my personal-view :-) But I do rather love this camera. The perfect successor to the beautiful GH2.

Enjoy this GH4 shootout against a Canon 5DIII. Details appearing soon. Plus my evaluation.

Written in an hour, Shot in a day and a half and barely time to grade most of this was shot on CinelikeD with a bit of V.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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  1. Ok, I’ll start… I frankly couldn’t get all the way thru it – it was painful and way way too long. There are a lot of people exclaiming how great this short is, but I’m sorry I don’t get it.
    Some of the scenes are beautiful, but it looks way too much like video for me. 
    What do you think?

  2. Ya know, it’s just like anything else; even the best equipment is subject to the person using it and the time and effort put into the production.  This short is not a true example of what the camera is capable of.  It’s an example of the kind of production that can be done in a day and a half with no budget.  I’ve seen plenty of cameras look awful under the wrong circumstances or with color grading by someone who is just playing around.  Ahhhh but the GH4 is truly groundbreaking.  I am selling my Canon cameras and shooting video only with the GH4 from now on.  I spent a ton of time researching cameras and downloading the highest quality videos available.  There are better still cameras but for video the GH4 is the “it” camera!  I’m loving mine so far and can’t wait for our clients to see what we can do for them – without jumping through the hoops involved in the HUGE files other 4K cameras create.  This camera seperates us from the clutter.  The main negative I see with the GH4 is that it might look like a toy to some and it is so inexpensive that every hobbyist in the world is going to buy one and become “a filmmaker.”

  3. morkusmark planetMitch  Naturally.  That only makes sense.  Those folks (and I’m one of them) have invested a huge amount of money on their Canon gear.  And I can honestly say that if you shoot at 6400 ISO or above on a regular basis then a Canon camera is probably a better choice.  I don’t believe I’ve ever shot at 6400 and never would for anything professional.  Overall, though, the GH4 is the one to beat for now.

  4. Director Bob morkusmark planetMitch  I actually quite like it. After all its just a camera review made quickly, and you got to admit the ending is quite funny! I must admit, I’m seriously looking at the GH4 as my 2nd cam and with my Canon lenses Im going to get an adapter so I can get back the soft look I like as the GH4 looks crazy sharp.

  5. funny that it’s still compared to the 5D… which in a sense is a victory for the 5D since that ‘s already a two year old camera. :)  

    Problem is, the GH2 was already in par with the 5D… so I don’t think it’s ‘fair’ to compare a 5D with this 4K camera. Better perhaps to compare it with the Sony A7S. (or perhaps even to RED/1D-C’s … that would be awesome, …. )

    I don’t know about this camera… I’ve seen ‘reviews’ and examples on youtube (incl. commentary) that reduced the ‘enthousiasm’ a bit…. image not that sharp, rolling shutter, and… that was a bit of a shock, that ‘dock’, which cost more then the camera, isn’t that good after all! 
    Still, I have a GH2, and…already figured out that 5D’s are not the way to go with video filming. Yeah perhaps RAW, I shot RAW with the 5DmkIII and that’s still the best image quaility I ever saw, but… it’s buggy, need very fast cards, and.. you end up with a uuuuuuuuge amount of material…. but still.
    I saw stuff of the Sony A7S which impressed me. The low light was absolutely stunning (ISO’s way above 10k still looking good), and the images where sharp. And… you can put your canon gear on there easily… which still is not possible with a GH2/GH4 (metabones is working on it they say, but…. will put you back probably a 600 dollar). 
    But… that’s worth it for me…. my 300/F2.8 getting a 600mm/F2.8 hehe… (with metabones even a F2.0 I thought, bit strang thing that metabone adapter). And… with that tele EX… can’t even think about that haha (allthough I’m NOT impressed with that tele EX, … I get uge amount of grain/noise, while everybody states it’s ‘no different’… ) 
    Btw, about the movie… it’s funny that it’s ‘accepted’ now to have a lot of ‘out of focus’ shots… that’s 1 thing DSLR video made happen, since it’s a pain to get something in focus, especially on the run hehe…

  6. I got to the car chase and then remembered I had to rotate my car mats. I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. Sure it can record 4K, but from a .68″ x .5″ sensor onto an expensive external device. It cannot record 4K x  4.2.2 on the SD cards. So, if you cannot afford the 4K recorder, then you just have another camera that shoots h.264 video. I’ll pass thank you.

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