One scene shootout – Panasonic GH4 vs. RED Epic vs. 5D Mark III Raw – does the GH4 kill the others?

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We've been getting a lot of Panasonic GH4 inputs since the cameras started shipping last week. Luke Neumann has done this very interesting comparison of the Panasonic GH4 to the RED Epic to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern RAW video.

There's also been quite a few comments on the video saying that the focus on the RED must have been off – but Luke assured everyone that he triple checked the focus and that it was correct.

Notes from me:

The side by side section is a very specific test with one scene… it doesn't reflect the entire world of opportunities.

Luke noted that the 5D3 footage was uprezzed to 4k for the test.

The resolution of the Panasonic GH4 looks impressive in this test – does that mean it beats the other cameras in dynamic range? High ISO? Would the other cameras look a little better if they were sharpened? The Panasonic GH4 seems overly sharp to some degree to me.

Remember too that the sensor sizes on all these cameras are very different.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Panasonic GH4 vs. RED Epic vs. 5D Mark III Raw

The following tests were performed to gauge how well 4k Panasonic GH4 Footage would cut with 5k Red Epic Footage.

Download original shots here:

Music by Neumann FIlms from “The Drama Toolbag”

400% Epic (left) vs. GH4 (right) for those that think we may have missed focus on one.

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  1. You just compared the GH4 with two RAW cameras which do not apply any sharpening in-camera. Of course the GH4 is going to be sharper in this test lol. Apples and oranges.

  2. I recently purchased the GH4 and went out with a friend to shoot some test footage. The settings I used were the default settings, 4K Ultra HD at 30fps, and I edited it in FCPX, rendered it out to HD 1080P. So I can only say from my personal perspective that I am very pleased with the results, and it was a very good camera investmesnt for me. My next video I will be shooting in Full 4K at true 24FPS for a short film project. If I had access to a Red I would welcome the chance to use it as well. For the cost and ease of use the GH4 is a terrific camera for a budget minded person like me. Here is a link to the GH4 video shot this past Saturday.

  3. Yeah… and 5D is NOT a 4K camera… (and 2 years old, and RAW is not standard) … would have been pretty disappointing if this GH4 would not blow the 5D away (the GH2 already did that).  It’s more shocking to me that the EPIC is barely better then 5D RAW…. which shows how awesome that 5D is…. (and what idiots work at Canon to block all the potential of this camera). 

    it is good to see you can shoot awesome material with that GH4… I’ve seen other ‘sources’ which where not that convincing…. 

    But… it’s nice that they use old Nikon lenses, I use them to, nice… but… no AF and most of the times no IS either. I really would love to see a metabones adapter so I can use my Canon glass… 

    PS it’s not entirely true that the 5D at least, with RAW has no in camera sharpening… it has, depends on which picture style you use. Besides, seeing the quality of the EPIC and RED, I’m not convinced sharpening would improved the image that much. The GH4 for example shows extreme details on for example that telephone pole, which is completely not existing on the other two camera’s…

  4. Is it just me or does the RED look like it is focused more on the foreground tree than on the roofline? That would throw things off a bit.

  5. actually you should take footages from out focus to in focus to make sure you were take the right focus on each camera. i don’t belive 5D iii with ML Raw sharp like that.

  6. The same again… comparisons between 4k against 1080p.It is 8mp video vs 2mp video but Luke loves so much gh series that he has try many times to tell us that gh is better than Canon even when he compared GH3 vs 5D3 raw video and ofc everyone said that he was wrong… maybe thats why he disabled comments in this video! haha

  7. I have been shooting with 5Dmk2 for many years and now 5Dmk3 and have also shot a few projects with the RED Scarlet and Epic. There is no comparison to how sharp and details the images are from the RED. I’m sure the GH3 and GH4 are excellent, but this test is flawed. The RED was not setup correctly or anywhere near focused IMO. Maybe the lens used was way out of adjustment but something was clearly wrong with it. I would expect the RED to be the sharpest, the Panasonic to be close under some circumstances and the Canon to be softest. Even though the GH4 shoots 4K, I don’t think it’s data rate comes close to the Epic shooting RED Raw does it?

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