Efficiently Edit Interview Footage Like a Pro with @chrisfenwick

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Ever wonder what it is like to watch a professional editor edit footage he's never seen before? Dave Dugdale conned Chris Fenwick to do some editing
for him at NAB and filmed the entire event (yes Chris obviously knew he was being filmed HA!)

Knowing both of them made this really interesting for me – and tho you may not know them, I think it will still be very intriguing for you to watch.

Chris Fenwick by the way has an awesome podcast called FCPX Grill which you should give a listen to!

Editing Interview Footage – Tips and Techniques

From Dave Dugdale:

I got to watch Chris Fenwick who has been an editor for many years to cut one of my videos while we were at NAB2014.

Warning this is a long video, but I think you will learn a lot like I did.

You can check out Chris Fenwick’s podcasts. Also check out his YouTube tutorials as well. Also his twitter feed.

From the title of this video, I wanted this to be more about the techniques used by a seasoned editor rather than which NLE was used. I thought Chris did a nice job providing some informative tips.

Check Dave's article on: www.learningdslrvideo.com/chris-fenwick/

Chris Fenwick:

Dave's 4 Hour Courses on Shooting Video with DSLR's:

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I’ve been meaning to watch this video since it was posted, but just today had the chance. Thank you for putting the video together. It was immensely helpful and informative.

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