edelkrone Announces Action Module – A Wizard and Craft Module in One Single Unit

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I've always been impressed with edelkrone's products and I'm not the only one. Many of you have told me you're interested in the SliderPlus… well now, you've got even more reasons to be intrigued.

edelkrone adds the “Action Module” to the SliderPlus allowing you to make smooth hands-free slider moves, timelapse and stop motion videos, and even a unique macro video slider moves.

And it is cool they've integrated it with their Target Module as well.

edelkrone Action Module Features

Here's all four different actions explained (and don't miss the “introduction” short down there as well).

Slide Control: Motion record, repeat and control

edelkrone Action Moduel_Slide Control Motion record, repeat and control

Programming an automated slider system is now as simple as using your slider manually. Action Module’s Wizard mode simply records your slide, averages the speed and repeats the same motion. You can also control the speed of your automated slide.

Having a precise slider control system in your backpack gives you the chance to generate amazing shots with visual effects wherever you go. By repeating the same shot with different variables and combining them in the post-production, you can achieve results that used to only be possible with much higher budgets and a crowded crew.

Action Module Introduction

Time Lapse: You don’t need a math degree!

edelkrone Action Module_Time Lapse You don’t need a math degree

edelkrone’s Action Module is a smart one. Simply answer a few questions and you are all set! You can set the start- and end-point of your slide, operation duration, desired movie frame rate per second and the final movie duration by answering those questions. Action Module will do the math for your minimum shutter speed. You can also use the timer function to schedule a time-lapse setup for later.

Stop Motion: Make it a dynamic one!

edelkrone Action Moduel_Stop Motion Make it a dynamic one

Action Module brings the dynamic camera motion and stop motion together. The same, easy Q&A setup saves you from worrying about the details. Since you have total control over camera positioning, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes, and you can always revert to any position or frame for corrections.

Macro Videography: Precision at your fingertips

edelkrone Action Moduel_Macro Videography Precision at your fingertips

With Action Module, you can work at micro-speeds (between 20µm to 1.6cm/ sec) for amazing close-up slider shots. You can precisely adjust the speed through easy interface and smoothly slide through the shot. Now it’s time to explore the unexplored macro worlds for your audience.

Supports video time-lapse

edelkrone Action Moduel_Supports video time-lapse

edelkrone’s Action Module also supports video time-lapse, given the fact that you have a supporting camera system with a vast storage solution. You can get your setup to work non-stop at micro-speed for approximately 2-3 hours with a single battery. You can always add the second battery to double the shooting duration or you can power up your system with the included AC/DC adapter.

Creates wonders when used with the Target Module

edelkrone Action Moduel_Creates wonders when used with the Target Module

Target Module is an object-tracking module for the SliderPLUS & SliderPLUS PRO, introducing the Responsive Motion Control technology (RMC). Target will let your camera lock onto the subject and keep it in the same position inside the frame. You can combine the power of the Target and Action Modules to create never before seen object oriented results. You can create uncut interview loops, product demonstrations in time-lapse or macro fashion, automated wide panning time-lapse shots, or even create vertical pans by combining these modules.

Compatible with major battery types

edelkrone Action Moduel_Compatible with major battery types
Action Module can take any Canon LP-E6, Panasonic CGA-D54 or Sony NP-FV batteries. You can also power up your system with the included AC/DC adapter*. The power consumption is low and you will easily get away with a whole day of shooting with a fully charged set of batteries**.

*Includes AC/DC Adapter
*Does not include batteries

Learn more about the edelkrone Action Module HERE.

(cover photo credit: snap from edelkrone)


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