Brydge Keyboards Bringing iPad Keyboards to a Whole New Level

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This is a way off topic follow up to our review of the Brydge a few months ago – turns out they've been bought out and are ramping up better customer service and new products as well… so I thought i'd just support them by helping get the word out.

What does Brydge offer?

Brydge+ is an exclusive range of premium iPad Keyboards that offer unparalleled quality and functionality.

Forged out of a single piece of high grade aluminium or industrial strength Polycarbonate, the Brydge range offers a model that suits everyones needs, whether you are a student, professional or someone who simply wants to experience the benefits of a fully featured keyboard for their iPad.

About Brydge LLC

On April 7th Brydge LLC was acquired buy a group of Australian investors based out of Asia who have formed Brydge Global (trading as Brydge Keyboards) which is now located in Singapore.

The opportunity we see is simple. Brydge is a fantastic product that originated as a kickstarter project that was essentially executed poorly post the initial (and successful launch). There were initial production issues (that were addressed in later production runs) and an incredibly poor customer service and online experience – combined all of which created a very negative sentiment in many areas. The founders couldn’t see a unified vision forward for the development of new products and as a result the brand was dying.

About Brydge LLC Continued

Its not often you get stopped in a café, or tapped on the shoulder on a plane about a product your using and with Brydge it happens constantly. With over 15 years in digital marketing, enterprise sales and investment banking we are taking what is a great product bringing a new lease of life to Brydge on a much larger scale.

The initial focus is to steady the ship. A large part of the deal with Brydge LLC to acquire the existing stock, so the short term focus is to build a new platform (completed) that has full automation from order placement through to the product being shipped (we are leveraging Shopify, Shipwire and a number of exceptional online services) and to stabilise the existing sales. A huge part of this is to deliver exceptional customer service by simply listening to what the customer wants. We’ve started this and have in such a short time started to receive phenomenal reviews from our customers.

Brydge+ with Speakers

Brydge+ with Speaker

In the medium term though is where it gets exciting. The new strategy is heavily focused on product development. We’ve retained the services of one of the founders based in Shenzhen who will be responsible for the development and production of a completed range of iPad Air and Mini suitable Brydge’s that will be launched in the latter half of this year. The first model to launch will be the Air. How we launch the product is still in discussion however the early designs once again will surprise the market as they will absolutely stand out from the competition. The focus will be on absolute quality (Aluminium) with full features like an improved speaker and some over very nice features.

Brydge+ with Speakers

Brydge+ with Speakers

Wrapping this around a go to market strategy is critical, and this is where our experience comes in. The initial model is to scale through online sales but that will quickly transition into regional distribution models with exclusive partners in the leading countries.

You hear of plenty of amazing story’s from Kickstarter and how they are successful, but you don’t often hear about what happens next. Plenty of them fail, plenty of them take the money and run, but not many of them get given a new lease of life.

I hope you find this interesting. My vision for a story wouldn’t be to gloss over the ailments of the past, but to raise them up as issues and to then focus on how Brydge Keyboards are addressing these and moving forward.

Learn more about Brydge Keyboards HERE.

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