World’s first: SmallHD adds on camera color grading to the DP7-PRO

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Just got this note from Wes at SmallHD… the ability to do live creation/editing/monitoring with multiple color grades and to be able to show your customer what the final product could look like while shooting looks incredible!

From Wes:

“CEO Wes Phillips color grades in real-time on DP7-PRO on-camera field monitor in the SmallHD booth at the NAB show.”

Can't wait to see this in the booth this week at NAB – what do you think? Sound off in the comments – and make sure to follow the planet5D NAB liveblog!

Demo video from SmallHD

SmallHD CEO Wes Phillips in the booth at NAB 2014

SmallHD CEO Wes Phillips in the booth at NAB 2014

SmallHD press release

April 7, 2014 — Las Vegas, NV

Today at the NAB show, SmallHD unveiled a one-of-a-kind compact on-camera color grading system designed to dial in quick grades and provide clients with a clear view of what a finished product will look like. This groundbreaking new toolset is actually part of a free downloadable firmware upgrade for SmallHD’s popular DP7-PRO on-camera field monitor.

Adding a comprehensive color grading suite to a long list of existing software features—the DP7-PRO now includes several unprecedented features never seen on a field monitor until today:
Real-time color grading of HDMI and SDI signals
Send any grade downstream via HDMI and/or SDI to another monitor
Import and apply grades (3D LUTs) created on popular desktop color grading apps and modify them on the DP7-PRO
Export grades made on the DP7-PRO for use with any popular color grading app as a starting point for post-production grading

Until now, providing a real-time preview of what a shot should look like after post has been costly and cumbersome. The DP7-PRO is by far the most elegant and cost effective way of injecting visual creativity into a shooting environment and keeping key members of the crew on the same “visual” page.

“More and more cameras are producing flat-looking image profiles, which is better for post, but harder on shooters who need to instill confidence in clients and directors on set,” says Wes Phillips, SmallHD CEO. “We've changed all that—the DP7-PRO is a compact, low cost way of giving a client or director everything they need to be excited about your shots.”

For a quick overview of the feature, go here:

Pricing and Availability:
SmallHD will provide color grading support on all DP7-PRO on-camera field monitors, and will be available to current users via free firmware update in May 2014. SmallHD’s DP7-PRO models begin at the special introductory price of $1399 with the release of the new DP7-PRO LCD model and are available for purchase through See site for availability.

About SmallHD:
Creators of the world’s first high definition on-camera monitor, SmallHD continues to push the envelope of what’s possible in an on-camera display by providing the world’s latest technology at the best price in the industry. Founded in 2009, the company has made its name as the leading innovator of on-camera monitoring solutions for the professional cinematographer, videographer and photographer.

SmallHD’s on-camera monitor innovations include:
• 2009 Introduced the world’s smallest true HD monitor (8.9” 720p) — DP1
• 2010 Introduced the world’s smallest true HD monitor (5.6” 720p) — DP6-SLR, DP6-SDI
• 2010 First to provide DSLR auto-scaling, now an industry standard
• 2010 First to provide DSLR battery power options to improve work flow
• 2010 First to provide user upgradable firmware via built-in USB port.
• 2011 First to provide a true monitor / electronic viewfinder (EVF) combo — DP4-EVF
• 2012 First to deliver HD OLED under $1100
• 2013 Industry's first “daylight viewable” 720p on-camera display

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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