Upgrade to Nikon’s Bit Rate Released by Nikon Hacker

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Of course, we're all excited about the progress of Magic Lantern over on Canon cameras, but what about our friends who are shooting Nikon? Nikon Hacker is showing how it has increased the bit rate.

Nikon Hacker Ups the Bit Rate for Nikon Cameras Up to 1080 @64MBPS

From DIY Photography:

The folks at Nikon Hacker recently released a beta load with an upgrade to the camera bit rate output. Depending on the Nikon Body, you can get up to 64mbps (D7000) as opposed to the 24mbps that the camera ships with from Japan.

Over the last month, the Nikon Hacker team has been releasing more patches so there are even more good news. The hack is ported to many, many cameras including the older D5100, and the entry level D3100 (“only” 54mbps).


The firmware is still in Beta phase (so as always it s try-at-your-own-risk thing), but initial tests look promising.

Sample files shot using a D5100 are available here:

1080 24fps 18mbps (default) 29MB
1080 24fps 30mbps (default) 47MB
1080 24fps 45mbps (default) 60MB

For a list of improved bitrates (red), visit Nikon Hacker’s beta page.

Read Full article on DIY Photography: Nikon Hacker Up the Bit Rate for Nikon Cameras Up to 1080 @64MBPS

A Nikon D800 High Bitrate Sample

Note: we also just found this video sample from Lars Steenhoff of a Nikon D800 showing video shot at 64 mbit vs 24 mbit

D800 Bitrate hack comparison at 3200 iso.
As you can see the 64 mbit shows more noise compared to the more muddy 24 mbit
This is the result of less compression and will therefore be a better source for neat video when you want to apply noise reduction in post.
camera noise reduction was turned off
sharpness at 0
gamma 1.0 picture profile.
you can download the proress 4444 file from vimeo to see the quality.

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(cover photo credit: snap from DIY Photography)

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