RigWheels is at NAB 2014 to Showcase Great New Products

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From Rigwheels Press:

RigWheels is at NAB this year for the first time and we've just launched a couple great new products that we'll be showing in Las Vegas. We are located at booth #C12145

PortaRail Collapsable Rail System by RigWheels

When you’re working with a dolly or slider system having a solid platform is one of the most import factors in getting great results. PortaRail delivers solid and accurate performance that you can scale to any length you need, and still be able to fit into your car.

Sections are 40″ (1 meter) long and are screwed together seamlessly via threaded connectors.

Universal End Brackets by RigWheels

2 years of kicking around design ideas and prototypes have gone into the design of these Rail Brackets. A simple concept on the surface however, one of the rules we live by is that our parts have to be multipurpose and multifunctional. Every bracket we have seen in the marketplace is proprietary in function (a few allow for different sizes of pipe). We wanted to produce a bracket that is truly “universal” and believe we have threaded the needle between function, design and price.

Visit RigWheels.com for more details

(cover photo credit: snap from RigWheels)

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