Rescue Mission: Retrieve $15K Camera Drone Helicopter in the Amazon

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Our friend, Denver Riddle from Gorilla Grain (which you can see over on our superStore@planet5D) sent us this note yesterday and while it does have a DSLR in it, the sheer panic over losing $15k worth of gear somewhere in the Amazon rain forest is enough to send chills down your spine!

$15K Camera Drone Helicopter Fly Away Crash in the Amazon Rainforest!

Chris Newman of CineChopper and GORILLA GRAIN is an experienced RC Aerial pilot.

While his day job is a dream, it isn't always easy and it sometimes comes with STRESS!

During a big shoot in the Amazon for Animal Planet, Chris
loses his expensive RC helicopter as it goes rogue and disappears above the tree canopy.

From CineChopper:

Sometimes gear fails you! This was our experience in Peru filming for animal planet!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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