This is the second year this question has been asked in the Teradek booth and both years the answer seems to be a resounding NO! What do you think?

They don’t ask me to participate because they know I’m biased I guess HA!

I think it is interesting (at least this is the way I interpret the conversation) that every year, they go in with the belief that it is time to declare the DSLR dead, and yet by the end of the conversation, just about everyone on the panel has confirmed that they still use DSLRs and believe that they won’t be going away any time soon.

planet5D is very proud to have participated in this year’s NAB 2014 content being broadcast from the Teradek booth on the show floor.

NewsShooter Panel shares their opinions on how the DSLR market plays its role in today’s technology.

Answering the question “Is DSLR Dead?” at NAB 2014

What’s your opinion? DSLRs are dead right?

The comment section below is open and we encourage you to share your thoughts with the entire planet.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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