“Is DSLR Dead?” – NAB 2014 from Teradek and Newshooter

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This is the second year this question has been asked in the Teradek booth and both years the answer seems to be a resounding NO! What do you think?

They don't ask me to participate because they know I'm biased I guess HA!

I think it is interesting (at least this is the way I interpret the conversation) that every year, they go in with the belief that it is time to declare the DSLR dead, and yet by the end of the conversation, just about everyone on the panel has confirmed that they still use DSLRs and believe that they won't be going away any time soon.

planet5D is very proud to have participated in this year's NAB 2014 content being broadcast from the Teradek booth on the show floor.

NewsShooter Panel shares their opinions on how the DSLR market plays its role in today's technology.

Answering the question “Is DSLR Dead?” at NAB 2014

What's your opinion? DSLRs are dead right?

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  1. Do you need a mirrorbox to capture video? Without the mirror their is no DSLR therefore yeah they’re dead for filmmakers. Furthermore I know DSLR’s are on their way out for still shooters too as still shooters that want to compete are incorporating motion into their work.

  2. DSLR is most definitely not dead in my world, a world which includes colleagues and friends who also rely on DSLR for stills and motion work.

  3. I make a living with a camera. Sometimes I shoot stills, other times motion so I am somewhat of a hybrid. It’s obvious that each person’s past impacts their vision of the future. I have a couple of C100’s and 6 5D Mark III’s. Yet, having recently picked up an Olympus EM-1 I see an even smaller form factor as the genius of it all. The codec isn’t ideal, audio controls suffer a bit as well, but almost everything else about it is remarkable. The 5 Axis image stabilization in the body is incredible for hand held footage, and something that all camera manufacturers should be adopting whether it be for stills or for video… I want to mention lighting fast auto-focus in the lowest of light that is so good that others are falling way short. It’s actually starting to become my goto camera for more things than I expected. Stills or Video I am convinced mirrorless is the future.

  4. i shoot tv news, tv commercials, short form corporate, web video etc with my canon hd-dslr units. i shoot long form events with multiple small form video cams, inc the larger sensor sony baby cam ax100. the right tools for the right shoot. pay the mortgage stuff. go back to 550 dollar each AB batts? 1500$ lit pixel repairs? no way. 30 pounds on shoulder? nope. love my dslrs, love small form fully rigged baby cams.

  5. I love small cameras and although I shoot often with Alexa etc…etc… I still prefer DSLR style cameras…small cameras that I can take with me everywhere and still give me amazing images in every situation.

  6. The death of the DSLR….it seems like something most likely will see every……I come from a 35mm film background..Panavision..Arriflex etc and in the last few years I’ve been using a Canon 5D for a lot of projects, I own 2. The one thing i dislike about digital is that they are becoming I-Phones, with a new model coming out every 2 weeks(?) disposable in their nature. One of the short films I shot in San Francisco won a Best Action short at a film festival, it was shown at a real movie theater and it looked fantastic, why? Because I shot it like a “real” film, with HMIs, a small crew, using my talent and experience of 42 years shooting commercials and independent films…Hey..everyone said it looked like a film. There is so much idiocy of people waiting for the next best camera that will make them better cinematographers, and the reality is that 4k, 8k, 200k, Codecs, won’t make any difference if you don’t have the talent. Cameras are tools, I’ll use a RED or Alexa, or any other camera, in the meantime I’ll keep using my “dead” 5Ds.

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