Finding life and inspiration on Mt. Everest: Elia Saikaly

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Last year, I followed my internet friend Elia Saikaly as he climbed and summit-ed Mt. Everest and you can read about his journey here on planet5D (and see some incredible photos as well – “In the Death Zone the Canon 5D Mark III shoots a one million-dollar reality television series“).

He’s doing it again this year – and I wish him nothing but the best. I don’t know if we’ll get any kind of output, tho I know he’s documenting his journey with several Canon EOS 5D Mark III cameras. I hope we can share more of his trip. Last year, his videos were paid for by the company he was shooting for so we didn’t get much to share.

However, Elia has shared plenty of the motivation behind his journey in this TEDx talk that he did last fall and I wanted to share this incredibly motivating story with you as I think about his journey this May to Everest.

Finding life on Mt.Everest: Elia Saikaly at TEDxAshburn

Your meaning in life?

Hopefully you enjoyed that and watched all the way thru… if you didn’t get all the way thru, I urge you to take the time – I think it is worth it.

In many ways, I feel like planet5D has become my purpose in life. I have recently heard from so many of you just how much planet5D has meant to you and how it helps every day.

That makes me feel so good inside!

Even at NAB, there were so many people who saw me and took just a moment to step up and say how much they appreciate having planet5D in their inbox every morning. They don’t have to come up and say that; they could just pass by and think it… but the fact that they do means so very much to me.

There have been failures, things that didn’t quite work out, things I’ve tried and I know I’ve made some people mad along the way. Some question why planet5D even exists. But let me tell you the sheer number of people who take the time to speak to me (at NAB and via email) is just overwhelming.

I’m coming up on the 4th anniversary of being laid off from my day job at Boeing and to be able to continue helping people via planet5D is such an incredible blessing!

And it isn’t just about the gear. Very few people even mention anything about gear when they speak with me… they speak of how planet5D has influenced them and changed their lives. That’s impact! That’s so humbling.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Elia’s talk – it makes me want to work even harder and I hope he’s safe on his journey to Everest this year!

Many blessings to you!


(cover photo credit: snap from Elia – nearing the summit of Mt. Everest in 2013)

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