40% Price Drop on All Jag35 Product Line

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With all the excitement before and during NAB, this article just didn't get published – our apologies to the folks at Jag35

Jag35 has always produced very nice gear with a target of delivering gear at low prices… but this announcement is just amazing – someone actually lowering prices across the board? Crazy!

Jag35 Lowers Prices across their entire product line, up to 40%

Jag35 maker of dslr filmmaking gear announces a price drop across their entire product line of up 40%. The US Manufacturer of camera accessories seeks to once again target the entry level Amateur filmmaker market that was once their main customer base. The move will include price cuts across their entire existing product line as well as development of a new lower priced line. The New pricing scheme will be available starting April 2014 at Jag35.com as well as all their retailers worldwide.

Please visit the JaG35 website for new discounted rates.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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