Win a $2000 DitoGear OmniSlider on planet5D – put some motion in your films

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WIN! DitoGear is giving away a $2000 DitoGear OmniSlider. And please note, DitoGear has graciously agreed to ship anywhere in the world! So this is a worldwide giveaway.

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You have 2 weeks – the giveaway ends at 7pm CDT on Tuesday March 25th!

Winner will be selected from a totally random draw of all entrants just after that time. You need not be present to win – but if you don't enter a valid email address, we won't be able to contact you! You have 3 days to respond as well if you're the winner or we'll move on to the next selection.

Remember, when you get your friends to click your unique giveaway link (shown after you enter), you'll get even more chances to win!

The DitoGear OmniSlider

DitoGearOmniSlider, our flagship product used by over a thousand of cinematographers all over the world, is a high-performance motion control slider ideal for stand-alone operation and serving as a base for multi-axis motion control rigs. High payloads (up to 70kg horizontally), variable lengths (1.0m to 2.5m) and unrivaled speed range (1mm in a year to 1m in 3.85s) make it a workhorse for both studio and outdoor use for live action, timelapse, stop-motion or VFX.

Learn more about DitoGear™ OmniSlider

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Don't forget!

The giveaway ends on Tuesday March 25th at 7pm CDT

The earlier you get busy sharing, the more chances you'll have to win the $2000 DitoGear OmniSlider!

About DitoGear

DitoGear™ is one of the leading manufacturers of portable motion control equipment for live-action, time-lapse, stop-motion cinematography and VFX offering utmost performance and build quality paired with intuitive user interfaces.

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DitoGear™ Products

DitoGear™ Products

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  1. Oh my god! I read about Ditogear’s Onmislider a few days ago, and I am eagerly wanting one so bad. When I saw that there’s a contest to win one, I had to enter. This is what’s going to make my videos feel real. I really am a fan of whatever Dirogear puts out, so If I don’t win, I should still try to get my hands on one.

    1. I’m a big fan of Ditogear anything. The omnislider is one of the coolest devices I have heard of and I can’t wait to get my hands on. I would like to wish everyone luck on winning this, as I am very hopeful I will win. haha! I doubt it, but being hopeful doesn’t hurt. :)

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  3. Who is the Winner of DG Slider ? or did you gave it to one of you friends ?

    1. Author

      Yep, that’s the way it works around here… I give everything to friends and people who pay me lots of money to be my friends!

      The winner will be announced shortly

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