The Great DitoGear™ Modulo Sale

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The spring has already arrived to our part of the globe and that’s the best moment to spend some time close to nature.

If you are interested in the DitoGear™ modular and portable system – this offer can be incredibly tempting! From now on all DitoGear™ Modulo bundles are 35% off.

35% Discount on DitoGear Modulo Accessories

For customers that already have the Modulo system it’s probably the best moment to purchase some additional accessories to extend the existing dolly or create a Modulo Rover – the discount of 35% also refers to all DitoGear™ Modulo accessories!

DitoGear™ Modulo 35% Off

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DitoGear™ Modulo Dolly

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  1. Oh wow, I need to jump at this opportunity that has landed in my lap. I love what ditogear has done in the past and I can’t wait what they bring next. I could use the modulo that’s for sure, and at 35% off, that’s a bargain. Now, this isn’t for just accessories is it? Is the Modulo also 35% off too?

  2. This is exactly what I am looking for. I have the Modulo already, but I can use some accessories to make things better for me. 35% off goes a long way too, so I am going to just put all in my shopping bag. 😀 I for sure am worried my track unit will go bad. It’s got a lot of wear and tear already. Also getting the support feet too.

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