Tame the Power of the Sun with Transvideo’s New 6″ CinemonitorHD Evolution X-SBL Field Monitor

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Need a really bright monitor you can see in full sunlight? How about a virtual horizon for your Steadicam moves with a patented gyrostabilized electronic bubble with real-time shock compensation and acceleration compensation? OK, if that doesn't ring your bell, then how about construction that's fully sealed (no holes, no noisy fans), with precision machined aluminium housing and an anti-glare bonded screen outputting 2000 Nits?

This top-of-the-line monitor and others in the company's offering can be seen on the Transvideo International web site

The new 6” CinemonitorHD Evolution X-SBL Enhanced at the NAB 2014

From Transvideo International Press:

TRANSVIDEO INTERNATIONAL introduces at the NAB 2014 (Booth# C6443 Las Vegas April 7-10) the new 6” CinemonitorHD Evolution X-SBL Enhanced. This extremely bright monitor with a 2000 NITS backlight system is the brightest monitor available for Camera Operators. Yet, at full brightness it only draws 19W (1.6Amp at 12v).

Transvideo Enhanced anti-glare technology reduces reflections and enhances contrast. The monitor can be set in 2 operating modes either for outdoor or indoor viewing. In Xtreme Bright mode, details in both dark areas and highlights are maintained even in full sun without hood.

The basic price of the 6″ CinemonitorHD Evolution X-SBL Enhanced includes the Virtual Horizon2. The Virtual Horizon2 is the first and only electronic horizon featuring inertia/acceleration compensation and shock analyzer. The sensitivity and direction are adjustable with 6 available renditions. The display can be moved anywhere on the screen. Inertia/shock compensation can be turned off.

CineMonitorHD X-SBL

CineMonitorHD X-SBL

Transvideo new Cal-On-Tap is the fastest short cut to zero calibrate the Horizon: once the rig is set, just tap on the screen or on the Transvideo logo. Cal-On-Tap can be turned off by the Operator.

CinemonitorHD Evolution Specs

CinemonitorHD Evolution Specs

Since 1985 Transvideo provides state of the art equipment to the professional film & Video industry and the military. Transvideo has won multiple awards including a Technical Academy Award. Transvideo international has been selling and maintaining Transvideo equipment in North America for over 15 years.

Go to www.transvideo.eu/ for more information on their products.

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(cover photo credit: snap from Transvideo International)


  1. Yes, this is going to be something on my to buy list. I’ve been on the lookout for a new monitor and this is for sure will do it for me. Any idea how much this will run me? I am interested in making a purchase, but I can’t seem to find the price on their site. I did a search on Google and they price it at $6000 something, but that was for other things included.

    1. Yes, it costs that much. Their equipment is top notch. Putting a nuclear reactor behind a panel is not easy to do. You are fighting the sun.

      Which is exactly why Steadicam operators charge so much; because they have to purchase $100K worth of gear to get the shot right. If you think $6K is bad, then I guess you aren’t going to buy the second one to keep as backup….


  2. I could use a field monitor like this for my filming. I haven’t had the best of luck with past field monitors, usually because they are just not that good. I doubt I can afford to pick one up now, but I’ll soon have enough to grab one if possible.

    1. Field monitors for me have either been hit or miss for me as well. I’ve purchased three already, and never really had much of luck with them. I’m hoping the cinemonitor hd is the right field monitor for me. I will be looking further into it to see if it’s something that’ll work for me or not.

  3. This monitor sounds very promising and appealing. I know I will be trying to get one for myself. The monitor’s I have used, never really live up to the quality promised, then again, I am not the greatest at what I do, so maybe I’m just not doing something right.

  4. I love this field monitor, it’s by far the best I’ve ever used and I would recommend it to anyone out there looking for a good field monitor. I am very happy with it and I will gladly purchase their next field monitor if I ever need to.

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