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Big news for planet5D readers – the Defy crew has released their latest monster – the Defy G12 which is 3 times stronger than their earlier models so you can load this baby up with all the heavy gear you need for your production (as long as you have strong arms that is! HA).

We’ll be sharing more news with you in the coming months about special things Defy is going to be doing this year – so keep your eyes here! (Join our community so you don’t miss anything!)

Plus, if you purchase a G12, use the special planet5D code “defywithplanet5d” to get FREE Throttle Controllers!

Introducing The DEFY G12

The DEFY G12 is comprised of lightweight carbon fiber and high quality aluminum components. Our unique and clean design, eliminates clutter from wiring. Easy to adjust thumb screws make it easy to hand tighten, adjust, and lock in place with no tools required. Unique to the industry, our roll arm utilizes a double locking clamp, ensuring heavy payloads don’t move or shift during use. The G12 is scalable, meaning it can quickly adapt to various cameras and lenses during a shoot. Quick release plate makes it easy to move from the G12 and go straight to tripod or other mounts.

DEFY G12 Creation Process Explained by Drew

The DEFY G12 features a full 3-axis control with three modes of operation: Slow Pan, Fast Pan, and Accessory Control. Product specific technical support provided via phone and email.

DEFY G12 Now Available for Pre Order. Use the special planet5D code “defywithplanet5d” to get FREE Throttle Controllers!

DEFY G12 Now Available for Pre Order. Use the special planet5D code “defywithplanet5d” to get FREE Throttle Controllers!

DEFY G12 Features

  • Holds camera and lens combinations up to 12lbs
  • 3 modes of operation: Slow Pan, Fast Pan, Accessory Control
  • 3 Axis stabilization
  • 3x stronger than previous models
  • 10x more accurate
  • Quick release camera plate
  • Pelican Case with custom cut foam
  • Technical Support via phone / email

**Estimated shipping begins April 11th

Learn more about DEFY G12

(cover photo credit: snap from Defy)


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      William… do you ever think anything is good enough? 🙂

      1. I am not familiar with the product and only had 30sec to 1 min to watch one video on its attributes as there are many video websites to go through in the morning before getting to work. This article had two videos but for some unknown reason I choose the second one to watch. The spokesman/inventor talked a great deal about the many gadgets that could be attached to his product but didn’t hold the device in his hand or demonstrate what it did. Was this supposed to be a part two of a two part video? I really don’t have the time and I’m sure others don’t either to go back and watch the first video. I assume it’s a hand held rig but I’ll never know. It just sat on a stand. In addition, a second camera shot him at a 45 degree angle. Why? He never looked into the camera. How can he convince his audience that he is sincere in pitching his product. All told he probably got it from an old stock brokerage commercial technique that bothers me just as much. If you’re pitching something you maintain eye contact with your potential buyer. There is no need for fancy camera angles where the spokesman talks into outer space. Any one who has studied advertising knows that. The gentleman could have had a very effective piece if he did a quick demonstration or showed a shot clip of it being used in real life. The attention span of today’s viewer is very short. It’s like selling a screenplay. You hook them in the first 10 pages or people will turn to another screen play/product. I would like to see this guy reshoot this short clip and put all his eggs into one basket. Mitch there is too much mediocrity out there in the film world. One should strive to be the best at what they do, no matter what they do. It’s more than just how to shoot something with a camera. Anyone fifth grader can do that. It’s putting the images and the story together that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. If the maker of this video reads this post or any other of your readers for that matter and it gets them thinking… then that is good. Mitch– constructive criticism is good. I like to be criticized on my work. I might not agree with them but it makes me think and that in turn that makes me a better artist. Never settle for second best.

      2. And Mitch take note- I said the video was worthless, not the product. That man had two minutes to get me excited into possibly buying the product… and he didn’t do it. It’s probably a great product.

        Keep up the good work. I hope you strive to be the best.

  1. I was reading the comment above, and I only had 30sec to 1 min to read it, as there are many comments to read in the morning before going to work. The comment had many sentences but for some reason I choose to read the last one: “Never settle for second best”. Was this sentence part of a longer paragraph? The commentator wrote a great deal about something but failed to demonstrate the point he was making, taking the time to watch the first video, learn about the product, etc. One wonders if the commentator could have watched the video, put on his suit and tie, scrambled some eggs and sausage and gotten himself a nice glass of orange juice (fresh squeezed himself!) in the time it took to write that comment.

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